Cool M Instant Liquid Ice Cream Mix

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It is fast acting yet very safe to use and it does not give off any harsh fumes. It has a specific gravity of 1. Usage rate is 8 fluid ounces with three gallons of water. The number one category of problems troubling an ice machine are water-related, and the most frequently is lime scale. As the cycle continues and more water is made into ice, the minerals over concentrate and eventually precipitate as a lime scale deposit. As the scale begins where to buy liquid ice form, it creates a physical obstruction that results in: Ice harvest is reduced and eventually the machine will shut down, requiring service.

This sequence of events can affect both cubers and flakers. Some believe that flakers are free of scale problems since all of the water is made into ice.

Flakers can scale-up as well, jamming the auger and eventually resulting in a broken belt or drive mechanism. Once the machine is scaled up, it must be cleaned, requiring the use of an acid so that the scale can be dissolved.

Obviously, the acid must be effective in order to dissolve the scale where to buy liquid ice it must also be food grade where to buy liquid ice equipment-safe. Do not mix with chlorine bleach. Our name on the outside, means quality on the inside. Packaging Size Part Number. Literature Downloads Download the product bulletin and other relevant literature here.

Shopping cart is empty. Packaging Size Part Number 8 fl. Drain unit and refill with fresh water. Add Ice Machine Cleaner to water in unit. Use about 8 fluid ounces for each 3 gallons of water. Allow cleaner to circulate for about 30 minutes.

If solution does not contact all scaled surfaces, use a brush to get cleaning solution to those parts. If scale where to buy liquid ice extra heavy, another dose of cleaner may be necessary. Ice machine drums may be cleaned by adding one cup of cleaner to a glass or plastic container holding 2 quarts of water and brushing the solution on the scaled surfaces.

After scale has been removed, drain out all water and flush thoroughly with fresh water. Rinse out product container and dispose where to buy liquid ice properly. Return machine to service; discard first batch of ice. Labels Download a low resolution file of the product label here.

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