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Please email voidspace dogecoin cartoon to request phone number. Build your own society made up of real players - survive, invent, explore. The top-down style is similar to Escape Velocity Nova except you are not on your own, you are voidspace dogecoin cartoon with thousands of other players worldwide.

However, voidspace dogecoin cartoon is the invention system that really sets voidspace dogecoin cartoon game apart from all others. The very first person to enter VoidSpace, upon voidspace dogecoin cartoon release, will see a vast untouched world filled with nothing but raw natural resources. Like Minecraft, players will need to create their own infrastructure to survive.

Exploring the world can yield valuable resources that are used to construct inventions that improve your lifestyle in the game. Banding up with other players for protection will not only make the game easier and safer, but it can also accelerate your technological advancement as a group. Player created societies are a big voidspace dogecoin cartoon of VoidSpace. This is an excerpt from an interview given by Nikolas Gauvreau. Frontier Elite is important because it features a limitless world with thousands of stars where everything is "to scale" and voidspace dogecoin cartoon generated.

So I'd say inspiration came partly from that, but it was really only a small part. The majority of the inspiration for the game came from simply asking myself the question "how can I recreate real life". I became obsessed with the concept and by 16 years old, I knew that this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

This was the start of the design for a framework which we now use and call the "Simulation and Networking Framework". Up until my 30s, I still considered myself in "learning mode" where I was still trying to figure out exactly which technologies to use for the project and learning thembut the day I turned 30, Voidspace dogecoin cartoon felt like I was ready.

I dropped all other projects and focused solely on the Universe Project proper. In the early days, I worked out some basic frameworks including the Html5 graphics engine, the Atmosphere-based asynchronous communications framework voidspace dogecoin cartoon client-server communications through a browser without using flash. I also originally started using Hypertable for the database, which fit perfectly for the designs I had in voidspace dogecoin cartoon, but eventually moved to appengine and Datastore.

I also worked pretty heavily on various editors voidspace dogecoin cartoon the project as well, some aspects are still in use today. More recently, within the last couple years, I had the privilege of having a fellow partner Paul Korepanov help me with the project for a number of months as we bootstrapped the project together.

And about 6 months later, Oskar Stangenberg was tearing it up in the ODP Open Development Program; it's the open-source aspect that allows people to contribute to parts of the project and he was officially invited into core development. He has been coding with me ever since. VoidSpace Trailer 1 - YouTube. Developer talk 1 - Dogecoin integration - YouTube. There are far more images available for VoidSpace, but these are the ones we felt would be voidspace dogecoin cartoon useful to you.

If you have specific requests, please do contact us! VoidSpace Live Prototype Address: The majority of the inspiration for the game came from simply asking myself the question "how can I recreate real life" I became obsessed with the concept and by 16 years old, I knew that this is what I would be doing for the rest of my life.

Contact Inquiries narmstrong universeprojects.

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The most obvious difference when you enter The Void is the drag your ship experiences as it moves about. The drag increases as you speed up, thus limiting the maximum speed of your ship.

Energy weapons also seem to be impacted by this strange phenomenon as energy dissipates quickly as it travels through space. Not much is known about The Void, and your character will need to perform research to study it and unlock its secrets. In doing this, you may uncover properties of The Void that you can use to your advantage, allowing for inventions that will aid you in your survival. One day, your character may even discover a way to leave.

There are circumstances that could occur to force players to leave an outpost they had constructed and for it to become abandoned permanently. Certainly, one of the most powerful aspects of the game will be alliances made with other players. There is power in numbers.

Discover other player outposts and possibly join another group in order to maintain your own security.

Even if you don't want to join another group, having a safe place to trade goods can only help. There are no maps given for the game, instead, players will be forced to create their own map of the area by exploring. Once an area has been explored, a player can then sell the map to another player, or share it freely. Established civilizations may want to make map sharing as part of their initiation process for new players.

In addition to being able to research and develop ships, equipment, base structures, and weapons, your character will be able to learn personal skills. For example, your character might learn the ability to hack certain types of equipment or base structures. This could be used to disable key base structures in preparation for an attack from the rest of the character's group.

It is for this reason that it is important to keep your character alive and share your skills with others. Characters that have been around for a while could focus on research to boost the character's aptitude for invention. The more a character knows, the better he will be at creating something new. Players are able to form groups in order to better manage their social systems. Groups can be created within groups to create ranks. There is no single leveling system in a Universe Project.

Instead, characters become more skilled at certain tasks through practice, and can train themselves into improving a set of base stats. The only way to improve a particular skill is by practicing it, or by practicing something very similar to it. When creating a new character, you will be able to choose the basic stats for your character.

Depending on what you choose, you will be better at certain aspects of the game. For example, you might be better at coming up with ideas for skills or inventions, you might be better at developing a working prototype from an idea, or you might be better at manufacturing inventions, providing better and more consistent attributes.

Players will be given a number of options when spawning a new character. In general, the options will be as follows: Spawn close to a small, medium, or large civilization Spawn far from a small, medium, or large civilization Spawn near friends, or into a major player faction.

The spread of ideas, skill, and knowledge will be a very valuable concept within the game. It is very likely that players will create schools to educate and spread knowledge for money. Well established player groups may even provide education free-of-charge to new players in order to give their player-base an advantage in the world. As players go about regular activities in the game, their character will come up with an "idea" for a new skill or invention.

This will happen at random along with a number of other influential factors such as: The character's intelligence A need that the character has been tagged with internally The availability of the materials required for the skill or invention, or the character's knowledge and experience with these materials Other skills or inventions that the character has available to him. However for the most part, the best ideas come from more focused research which the character can engage in using a lab or research facility.

Generalized experimentation with materials is the first step, and once the character has a certain level of understanding of various materials, he will start to get ideas for actual working inventions that use those materials. Once a character has an idea, he can use the lab to try to create a prototype. The prototype stage is the stage in which the character is trying to turn an idea into a reproducible invention or skill. It may take many tries to get something working, and the difficulty of coming up with a working invention will depend on the following factors: Once the character has successfully produced a skill or invention, he will be able to create or perform it at will.

For objects or skills that are executed by the character himself not by some completely automated, mechanical process the result of the skill or invention will vary somewhat, and the character will get better at producing better and more consistent results through practice. For example, if a character is hacking a certain type of equipment, he will get faster and more accurate, and have fewer failures as he continues to perform that particular skill.

The player can then choose to create another prototype in order to get a better end product, by going through the very same process and hoping for a better result. For the most part, the resulting attributes of a skill or invention are random, but they will also be influenced by the 4 factors listed previously.

Ideas, skills, and inventions can all be shared freely or sold between characters. In addition to skills and inventions, characters will be able to research concepts in order to open up to them more skills and inventions to be discovered.

For example, The Void is a place where physics are different from the natural universe. Characters can use a lab in a research facility to concentrate their research on The Void itself in order to unlock certain concepts that allow for inventions that make use the discoveries made.

There is no centralized auction house which means the might a player possesses is really relative to his local area.

One area might be lacking in ammunition production, so a player can take advantage of that and create the factories required to meet that local need. The alternative would be to have players trade ammunition brought in from the nearest manufacturing plant, which would raise the price of that commodity in the area.

Players will be able to rent out their manufacturing facilities to other players for profit. Some facilities will be very generalized, capable of creating a wide variety of objects. Renting another player's facility doesn't mean you need to give them the plans for your invention, you'll be able to produce your invention in their facility while keeping it private.

Players will be able to create protected cargo containers that are difficult, if not impossible to open without destroying what is inside. They will be protected by permissions set up by the creator of the container.

This will allow you to transport valuable commodities while keeping them very safe from pirates, and allow you to stage a recovery mission if your goods fall into the wrong hands.

Some examples of particularly important cargo could be: VoidSpace will have a fairly extensive set of hacking skills. Every time a new hacking skill is obtained, it will always be for a specific piece of equipment or ship. For example, a turret was perhaps invented by xTheManx, and some other character might get an idea and develop it into a skill for overriding the permissions on that turret.

Now consider that there will be lots of freely available skills for creating certain inventions simply because people will release the skill to the general public out of the goodness of their hearts, or for other more malicious reasons. This means that the permission hacking skill for those inventions will very likely also be very common!

Due to the commonness of hacking skills for inventions that are essentially public-domain, a very real need for proprietary inventions that serve the same purpose will be there. In other words, it will be worthwhile for people to research and manufacture their own versions of the same equipment, just to ensure that they remain unique and much more difficult to hack. The game can undergo sweeping changes due to major player actions. Wars, for example, can change supply and demand of various goods and raw materials in an area.

Traders not involved in the war could use it to their advantage by shipping goods to either side. Long range shipping can be done if a player sets up a series of waypoints that his ship would navigate to automatically.

Since there is no concept of "logging off", it is important for a player to prepare for a trip that could potentially be dangerous with pirates ready to intercept. Keeping with a caravan of other players, building defensive drones, and keeping the ships equipment up-to-date with the latest in offensive and defensive technology will go a long way to keeping a player safe on a long trip. If the player is offline when his ship is attacked, the players ship will automatically defend itself according to the rules the player has defined, or the default rules of engagement.

If the player has VoidSpace as an app on his phone, he will receive a notification about activity in-game like attacks and chats. You can trade more than just raw materials and equipment. Players will be able to sell the rights to buildings and even entire outposts, managed completely by the trade window in-game. Players will also be able to sell ideas, skills, and even maps.

There are so many businesses that can be created, so here are some examples to spur your imagination: Allow players to rent your infrastructure to build their inventions. Sell your services as a defence contractor.

Give other players rides from one place to another if they're without a ship or if you can offer a safer passage. Ferry smaller ships inside of larger carriers for a fee. Offer your services as a guard or patrol. Offer your service as an intelligence agent and spy for weaknesses in other players bases.

Start a package delivery service that delivers sealed containers with goods. Start a telecom company that delivers messages over a network of long distance communication nodes. Start a bank that secures in-game currencies. Provide loans and credit with interest. Offer insurance for aspects within the game. VoidSpace will allow for all of these types of businesses, and many many more. With the exception of real-money transactions, there will be no currency provided in the game world.

Player groups will have to create their own in-game currencies in the same way they invent any other object. Just like in the real world, the larger player organizations with a stable government and a currency with wide utility and acceptance, will likely also have the strongest currency.

Players will also be able to optionally perform real-money transactions between each other in order to purchase goods or services. This will open up the possibilities for players to earn money from playing the game. It is important to note a general rule of a Universe Project is that strength comes in numbers. Technology does play a significant role, but there is no greater power in the universe than when players unite with a single cause.