Bitcoin and the Future: Tuur Demeester on the Three Phases of Bitcoin Development

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Bitcoin represents freedom in the most tangible sense. It means I have access to my own money and nobody can change that.

It will not happen. We will not depeg it from other currencies. Where should I store it… and the price moves really crazy, should I buy in? How do you see Bitcoin as an asset that can serve as a collateral for insurance? Two years ago I had a discussion with someone who wanted to setup life bitcoin insurance, pool money together from maybemaybe people and when something happen to one of them, the ammount could be paid to this person.

If you were en employer and Bitcoin your employee, what would you hire it for? If I have a currency basket that represents dolars, I wanna have 0. Then you could go higher with percentage. You create a portfolio that is designed to positively respond to political distortions in a market. Maybe you would have some gold in there, maybe something other depending on circumstances. And I am not saying these authorities are right, these prices are not outlandish.

So having a little bit of btc in your portfolio as a young person can really be a bet on an early retirement. So that would be another hire for bitcoin. Bitcoin is not deep enough in order to not to move the market so fast when doing larger transactions. Would this volatility or sensitivity of Bitcoin in the future be reduced? Because this uncertainty would be difficult for traders or exporters to manage. But of course when you are a trader maybe you want to move in and out in a few hours with those kind of volumes.

I think the more traders coming to the exchanges, doing it with 10 or 20 Usd and they provide the liquidity to the market. If you compare it with what happened to gold ingold was pretty much dead at that time and then by started gaining traction. But it was all the same. You could invest only in gold mining companies, but from you got gold ETFs and then easy vehicles came to the market for people move in and out. So I think we have some Bitcoin ETFs coming on the market, you will see the trading volume go up a lot.

Is it possible to compare the price pattern of Bitcoin to some other asset? Bitcoin is a start-up currency. Because Bitcoin is sensitive, it is an answer to moments of panic, like what we have seen in Cyprus or in China with more capital controls. Because of that, spikes in price are more agressive. Rallies are much more agressive. So even that big rally happened slower than what we saw in Bitcoin. I find it very difficult to name the number and say oh, this will be so and so.

There is a few things to look out for. How do people talk, do you see a stories of people putting all their lifesaving into btc, all the scepticism go away, like there is no other solution than for Bitcoin to go to another 5x or 10x. The blocksize debate is still not over, but my money is on price rally in This is the story I am most exited about in Bitcoin. And obviously the financial system is in dire straits. Markets are really overvalued, we could see a stock markets to crash in We have seen already more volatility in regular markets.

Look at the oil price that went down so much, the Swiss franc was a huge surprise, all these emerging market currencies that are going down, so plenty of fuel for Bitcoin rally. Bitcoin Trading Points

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