Best Hardware And Online Wallets To Keep Ethereum Classic Secure [2018 Edition]

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Using CEW is easy and it can be accessed directly from here: Please follow the instructions carefully and follow them exactly as they say, doing so is the best way to ensure your ETC is stored safely. Remember that Cryptocurrencies, ETC included, are more like cash than credit.

Make sure to save your public address not private key somewhere easily accessible so that you have it handy if someone wants to send you ETC.

Receiving ETC is simple, just provide your public address to the sender and confirm the transaction on either https: If you have forgotten your public address you can get it again using the. Then click on Unlock. An example is below.

On the next screen your address will be displayed in the section highlighted in yellow. Trezor ethereum classic this and provide it to the sender. Do not copy or share anything that says private key, or unencrypted, no matter what. Anyone with access to any of these can take your ETC.

A new screen will pop-up, please check trezor ethereum classic carefully to ensure that the transaction is as trezor ethereum classic want it.

This will send your ETC to the recipient. PNG x 58 KB. After sending the transaction will confirm shortly. It is always a good idea to send a very small test transaction first, confirm the recipient has received the ETC, and then follow up with a second transaction. This helps prevent accidental loss of ETC. Forgot My Trezor ethereum classic Address If you have forgotten your public address you can get it again using the.

The classic ether wallet site is not opening trezor ethereum classic me pls help. Also try a different web browser.

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Because the use of TREZOR is very easy and intuitive we believe it will help Bitcoin adoption among people not familiar with the security issues. The Bitcoin protocol works by sending signed notes of payment across the Internet. These messages which are referred to as Transactions are signed using a special algorithm. In order to sign a Bitcoin transaction, you need to have a special key or password. Software and web-based solutions keep your Bitcoin signing keys either on your computer or worse, on the Internet!

When you use such a service, hackers can easily steal your Bitcoins by hacking your computers or hacking the servers of the services that you use. There is full support for Windows version 7 and higher , OS X version The major supported browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

These apps cannot spend your coins but can check balances online or generate new receiving addresses for you. Which coins are currently supported? How can a seed made of several simple words be more secure than a strong password with caps or numerical signs?

Why should I do a paper backup of my seed? How can I pay? Can I pay with credit card, PayPal or wire transfer? How will you know that I have actually made the payment? My order got cancelled, why is that? Can I change my order? What is in the package? Do you ship to my country?

How long does it take you to handle the order? What are the shipping options? Where can I follow my order get a tracking number? Can you deliver one order to multiple addresses? What can be the reason? How do I recognize my package got lost? How does the investigation work and how long does it take? I want to start the investigation. What should I do? How long will the RMA process take? What can be a result?

Refunds When can I claim a refund? What kind of refund can I claim? How do I claim a refund? How long will it take? How will I know the refund has been sent? What if my computer that runs my bitcoin wallet is stolen? What happens if my recovery seed is stolen? What happens if the SatoshiLabs servers are hacked and the firmware signing key is stolen?

What happens if the SatoshiLabs shuts down? Why is the device not covered in epoxy? How about MCU glitching? What if the RNG is flawed? Is it possible to flash the device? Where can I find the source codes? Affiliate Program Why should I join the affiliate program? How do I become your affiliate? Where are the Affiliate Conditions?

How to link correctly? Which banners can I use? How do you calculate my rewards? What are Confirmed rewards? What are Total pending or Unconfirmed Rewards?