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The raw-data tag has no usage guidance, but it has a tag wiki. Questions Tags Users Badges Unanswered. Tagged Questions info newest frequent votes active unanswered. Learn more… Top users Synonyms. Exchange currency trade history I am looking for datasets of trade history, which contains the following information: The currency pair and exchange is not important.

Where sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia find Python API that streams live trades from multiple exchanges? I'm looking for a Python API that streams live trade data from many bitcoin exchanges. That is, not orderbook data sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia mid prices, just a pure trades stream. The data format ideally would be something I am developing an analysis of the time series of bitcoin use for a scientific project, Project on modelling Bitcoin blockchain data I am doing a thesis project on modelling Bitcoin blockchain data, but atm I am having trouble getting sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia from the Bitcoin blockchain into a format that is easy to deal with in sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia.

Looking for bitcoin and other cryptocurrency intraday prices I've come across some datasets that include every trade made but I'm just looking for the price of bitcoin at a high frequency. Every minute would be ideal. I would like to enter block header data for every sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia from No.

Who can provide me the detail data dictionary of level db and block data? I want to get all transactions of all sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia, but bitcoind client is not support this issue! Cryptocompare API is not updated I have created an android app for maintaining the portfolio.

I have used the coinmarketcap. This API does not have the data at exchange level. I have tried https: Anyone know sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia an API I can get historical price time series for multiple coins I'd like to build some historical price charts, to use in my cryptocoin portfolio tracking app, using time series data with HighCharts js. Anyone know of an API that provides this price data, Getting historic exchange data through an API I'm trying my hands on a trading bot, but I need a website to pull trade data for min.

This can be from any major exchange. But I want to download the list of all transactions of bitcoins. I was wondering what are the ways to do this? I believe, I can scrape Analysing the raw block Hex file but I can not find the expected information My goal is to understand better, how transactions and blocks are built raw.

For that, I found several questions and answer here on StackExchange, but the best for me sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia this post: Where can I get tick by tick historical BTC price data? Where can I get tick by tick historical price data for BTC? There are some similar questions, but I am looking for high-resolution sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia, while the previous questions asked for lower resolution data, I have found that it's sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia only for some money.

Ayubi 4 I have the complete bitcoins block data blk I want to convert it into some readable format like csv or json. Can it be done using python or any other software? Is there any website dedicated to tracking history of circulating tokens of any coin? Ideally, for each time a crypto has tokens added or removed to its circulating amount, we'd want to know: Willtech 1, 1 2 Are there any blockchain explorers that provide raw Tx data and block headers?

I've looked at some of the more popular blockchain explorers, but none of them seem to provide the feature I'm looking for.

I'd like to find a blockchain explorer that allows you to see raw Tx data Where can I find Crypto Coin data? Is there a reliable source for this online? Is there a way to get sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia on exchange-specific crypto prices using Yahoo finance? Yahoo finance provides information on country specific cryptocurrency prices, but it seems they don't have information on particular exchange prices like coinbase for example. Is there a way to access How do websites get prices for a coin?

How do they get it? Do they get the price from 10 exchanges at the same time, then divide by 10? Rodrigo de Azevedo 83 I don't think TradingView provides one but maybe you know one? Diego Sierra Fernandez 1. Are there any blockchain parsers which calculate virtual sizes of transactions? How to retrieve all addresses with non-zero balance and their balances? I'm looking for a way to retrieve all address balances of addresses with a non-zero balance in the blockchain.

Is there a software tool that can calculate the balances in an accessible format? AMB 2 I used this before: How to store data on the blockchain? I am wondering if it is possible to give someone a bitcoin transaction ID and with that he can read some hidden data, like the blockchain. How to decode transaction inputs from raw data using bitcoinjs-lib? I need to calculate fees for each transaction in block. I retrieve raw block data and use bitcoinjs-lib library to decode it to Block object: Monstrum 1 8.

The format should follow the standard https: When was the transaction containing the UTXO issued? I have found this question: Is there an API available to determine percentage of bitcoin transaction by amount?

Where can I download BTC historical ticker data? Where can I download historical data for Bitcoin price for mtgox? In this 2 Year old thread: Where can I get historic data series of Bitcoin prices?

The described solution is as follows: Is there an efficient way to do this using open-source software? I'm attempting to do How get raw block data? I can use getblock json rpc method to get parsed block, but I need raw data. Is there any way to get raw block data using bitcoin core? Orphaned non referenced blocks list Orphan block is a block that doesn't have a known parent in the longest block chain.

As I understand, this mean that orphaned block does not have a reference on it as "previous block hash" in any Denis 1 How to track a sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia in RAW blockchain data? I have a task for bitcoin blockchain research experiment.

I think it would be interesting for those who want to understand the main principals of chain work. So there is block with hash Generate and push raw Bitcoin transaction When I try to push a raw Bitcoin transaction via the blockchain. Script resulted in a non-true stack: What is TxIn's sequence?

I'm currently trying to generate the genesis block with my code and I've stumbled upon sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia TxIn sequence field that is not explained in the Protocol Specification wiki page, nor does it seem to appear I've recently written my own blockchain parser. It works well yay! I've tracked down sierra chart bitstamp wikipedia error away from my code to the Is it possible to download all blockchain raw data?

I'm interested in doing some analysis on the blockchain that would require specific information about all individual transactions within each block.

I don't need the data to be updating in real-time, Martin Andrews 1 6.

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