Sapphire R9 290 Vapor-X OC Review

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I'm surprised your 'range is not MH with that crazy setting. I'm having a real hard time seeing an R pulling How exactly do you 'confirm' your hash rate by shares? Still calling BS, unless you're using a custom miner which is misreading your hashes or something, or you're using a diff card. You'e the only person in the net getting that speed from a As you can see, it's less stable than without arguments but I have better peaks.

If you haven't mined for a continuous 24 hours to get a large sample, your data is inaccurate if you look at minutes of it hashing. Try getting a better sample over a 24 hour period.

What means a lot? It looks like you're new sapphire r290 litecoin values. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! March in Mining. I'm on ubuntu, how can I maximize my hashrate to have the expected one? Vab This looks about right for stock speeds as of this date.

Be happy with 25MH per card. The card you have is one of the best performance to power to cost to hashing ratio. Keep up the good work! March edited March Ooh ok make sense. When I enter ""--cl-local-work " and "--cl-global-work " my hashrate can go up to 60 sometimes sapphire r290 litecoin values But sometimes sapphire r290 litecoin values drop to 46 so it's less stable. It's difficult to take an average because of this but most of the time i'm between 53 to Is it still better to put these?

I acquired 2 x to test. They will be returned soon as they are getting less than 2 x Tahiti! AND using sapphire r290 litecoin values Watts in the process. Besides, wouldn't it be --cl-local-work? I experimented quite a sapphire r290 litecoin values, and the most optimal settings for my Tri-X OC card are: I also downclock the memory from mhz to mhz, as it has no effect on hashrate.

My regular Sapphire R9 s non-tri-x put out All hashrates confirmed by share output. Post edited by work on March No it's not BS. Do you think I could have a chance to reproduce the hash rate with Ubuntu and how do you protect your rig from failovers and switch to a different pool? I do monitor the rigs quite closely tho, and can remote in to all the rigs from my phone if needed.

So if the pool goes down I'll probably only lose a few minutes sapphire r290 litecoin values mining. About ubuntu, I have no idea. Thank you for your answers guys. Sapphire r290 litecoin values asked coinotron about difference between my estimated hashrate and my ethminer hashrate. He responded "You are using getwork protocol. Could you please switch to stratum proxy or ethminer Everyting on Internet is for Bitcoin and not Ethereum.

Do you have any idea please? I'm using Linux for 2days. Try qtminer with the params I suggested? Qtminer supports stratum natively and doesn't need the lame eth-proxy layer in-between a getwork miner. Vab read here re proxy from the Linux guru himself dlehenky https: What are your params? Sign In or Register to comment.

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