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A few days ago, after discussing with some friends about alternative cryptocurrencies, I decided to see if it was feasible mining them in the cloud on Digital Ocean and making a profit from it.

They are still in their infancy and we can see some of them doubling their value in a matter of a couple of days as people is looking to alternative coins to invest. I also decided to mine with a pool called Beeeeer.

This last command is going to take a while to execute. Once done, you have the machine ready to mine. Before starting to mine, I decided I wanted to have my miner to automatically start in case it crashes or the server is restarted for any reason.

To do that you need to follow the following steps: If you enjoyed this tutorial, feel free to donate to my beer fund Donate Bitcoins. I have had it up and running for about an hour. If I buy a bigger server on digitalocean does it speed it up or do I need to change the setup?

Hi what aboyt ypool. Do I need to put username as my suername forexample omenek and random password? It sounds pretty nice. What amount of droplets would You recommend to start with? But the problem is — it mines only with pps, which gives only 0.

Did everything by guide and got this, what did I do wrong? I had the same issue: Thanks for the great tutorial btw. Can you see what I did wrong there? Happy to contribute to your beer fund if I can figure it out. My mistake, a problem in the. I suppose confirmation is the line: I am trying to find a way to use more CPU, but atm I am stuck.

Anyway awesome guide Davide, thanks for your help. No such file or directory. BTC-E is an exchange, so once you reach 3xpm Beeeee. You can download a Primecoin wallet for mac at http: If i made this command: In file included from main.

No such file or directory compliation terminated. It seems working for me. Are your server running correctly? Then you are good. Make sure that you are entering the right xpm address, but other than that you should see your coin soon. They are working to fix some backend stuff, so stats may be delayed. I was having the same issue. Killed program cc1plus Please submit a full bug report, with preprocessed source if appropriate. File contains no section headers. If you are trying to compile on Meg machine this could be the cause of the error.

While the difficulty will definitely go up, I expect the currency to go significantly up as well. Everything went ok until I entered the command to see my miner in action. Has anyone had any luck upgrading the power of the VPS?

Are there any calculations re: Does this system work with http: Thanks for the posting. Hello, I tried the cloud mining now for 1 day and tried several CPUs running in different locaitions. The CPU load on exactly the same configurations is very different. Any idea why is it so? How could it be possible to rise CPU load to maximum capacity? Ok I followed the instructions there were some unexpected problems along the way, like No Git installed, please follow these steps to install git.

When I got to compiling I got an error regarding the gmp. I will paste in code below regarding the error. Please feel free to enlighten me if you may. Thank you for your interest. Sometime when you copy and paste code there are extra spaces at the beginning or the end of the command.

I suspect something has changed. I had hoped to try that today, yesterday I was using a putty console and there was no pasting allowed..

I have a notion to try this from my old computer which is well configured to handle the SSH terminal etc. As I said earlier it was helpful in guiding me to install the proper software, but still why did I have to install Git and Make?

For nowthe old computer I plan to use is still at the office, so it will have to wait until tommorrow. Works perfectly if you follow the instructions and be careful not to add extra spaces.

Second time worked perfectly. My error first time I think was not selecting the correct Ubunto os. One more question can this be used to mine at ypool? I decided not to get fancy until I got it working at least and mined something.

But would be great if you could post alternate Primecoin. I am having a problem with using nano to write the primecoin.

Can somebody explain me? Excellent tutorial, it was my first time doing a server set up like this. Is there a similar setup like this for litecoin? I should probably write a tutorial for that as well.

The server is working fine, but I want the payouts from beeeeer. I changed the address from BTC-e. I received the following message: Do I need to wait a day or so for a payment to be generated before I can see the new address show payment?

Or is it something with in the nano programming I need to correct? Have another question or two, how do you edit the Supervisor file? Just in case I want to send the coin directly to my Wallet and can this code be converted for litecoin or bitcoin? How would I make this run in multiple different cores?

Sir Davide Di Cillo, thank you for this how to. Have a nice day. Another program is already listening on a port that one of our HTTP servers is configured to use. Shut this program down first before starting supervisord. The pool that the miner is setup on this tutorial pays out at 3. AFAIK there is no manual payout option or option to change the auto payout threshold at this time on that pool.

Hi, i have six droplet running on digital ocean, but my earnings are poor. With pps for each machine, i receive only one xpm a week. My mining pool is ypool. Maybe ypool is less efficient with these settings. I only have … this will give only 3. Both droplets are the same so i'm not sure why there's such a big difference.

Business , Developing Tagged: If you do ps aux grep primeminer do you see the miner working? Did you setup Supervisor with no problems?

Sorry, that was typo on my end. Will fix once home. Hello when I do ps aux grep primeminer I get: What is the password for? Also, this is a very clear tutorial.