List of Pokémon by evolution family

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When you get to choose when your pokemon evolves trading, stones etcwhen is the best time to do it? I say if it has a good moveset, You should make sure it has a good moveset and one you are very happy with, because, When it evolves you cant teach it some moves, Unless you have the TM. You should also go to the Pokedex link to find out the moves it learns by level up.

If you change your mind at the last minute,while it is evolving, just press B. The best time to evolve? Why, thats up to you!

You can control when your pokemon evolves. If you want to keep a basic or stage 1 in that form. So say I wan't to keep my Piplup as a Piplup. I'll give Piplup an everstone to hold onto. But, you could also press the "B" button. Say I got a Haunter through a trade and it was going to evolve, but I stop that using the handy "B" button.

However, most people in gen. You wouldn't use a stone on a pokemon unless you wanted to evolve. Eevee and the water stone to evolve into Vaporeon. You can once again stop it with the trusty "B" button. Say I want a pokemon with as move but it evolves before it learns that move. So, I press the "B" button, give it an everstone, and then evolve it until it learns that move.

Say I didn't want to evolve my Zorua into Zoroark, but it evolved anyway. I'm afraid your gonna have to breed it, which is very helpful, to start over. Yep, thats all of the reasons I can think of. I don't see much reason not to evolve, but if you don't want to, heres the basic rundown: Press the "B" button! A Pokemon in its current stage of evolution may be able to learn specific moves at certain levels but only in its current stage.

Once evolved you will lose the chance to teach it those moves unless you have the right TM. They're two very powerful moves that Arcanine wouldn't learn.

I'd wait for Growlithe to learn those moves then evolve it straight after. I recommend checking the Pokemon's 'Moves learnt by level up' list to see if there's anything you don't want to miss out on. Otherwise evolving it as soon as possible aids in increased stats and growth: How to change your username How to add a user avatar Why was my post hidden? Choosing when to Evolve? Please log in or register to add a comment.

Please log in or register to answer this question. Heres some of the reasons I evolve: This is one great answer up voted Rio: Thank you very much! Related questions What would happen if you were to use a stone to evolve a Pokemon and stopped its evolution?

How many Pokemon evolve with each evolutionary stone? What unova pokemon a evolve with a thunderstone? Where is the location of a leaf stone in Pokemon Emerald? Question about Nosepass evolution and dusk stones?

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