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That is an angry lizard! No really, look down on your I am drunk. You're a fucking lardass laughing at alcoholism and your deceased pet lizard. But no worries pal, I'm here to make you suffer. The corpse of your pet lizard will make a great onahole for me. You will cry buckets of tears while I violate the vagina of your dead pet. Then I'll move on and do the same to your mother. Your father will be forced to watch as my sperm shoots deep into her womb and give birth to my children.

Make sure you use promo code garage at boglagold. Just wanted to let you know that I'm after you, ready to curb stomp your ugly skull. Never defend I am drunk again, or your life ends right here, right now. Hey man, I know your angry, but I hope you find some happiness, you should go take a walk or go volunteer some time. Reminder to never trust Mr Shekels. He scammed me for 1m promised to return 2m, he needed the cash for a bond.

There are no rules about clan ownership responsibility. There was no evidence given for Ronald's ban. You mean buying bonds and selling them in-game? I'm not new to Runescape, but since I just got back to Oldschool my account is almost fresh.

Just figured if gold really is that cheap it would save me a ton of time. Late game you can make that kinda money easily enough anyways, I believe. Glad his stupid low IQ brainlet father died. Made an autistic pathetic worthless piece of shit as his legacy. Rest in piss, ash dad. Can't even let pile of salt runescape bot have free speech in the game when there's a profanity filter. Mod ash should off himself along with the rest for being completely inept.

Wolf's waiting to be sucked by retard faggots like you. I've got 50m to stake. I have my first Suqah task with shit melee stats 75 across the board and 76 range. Should I block them, skip, or just suck that dick and do the task?

Killing ammonite crabs for fossils Guy keeps dropping irit leaves and dwarf weed next to me when he runs past Thank you kindly leaf Santa.

They had to have had proof of it, they never mentioned they banned Ronald Trump, only the mains of the spambot accounts. I want to try it out, but it seems kind of obscure compared to OSBuddy, and more risky for that reason. Nice, shit profit compared to ardy knights though right? Probably around 15m or something from 99 at ardy knights. And yeah, Pyramid Plunder is completely dependant on getting pharaoh's sceptres, so if you get unlucky you might could make nothing or only m from 99 thieving.

I keep getting logged out and then it says login limit exceeded. Are the servers shitting themselves or is it on my end? Man, ftp is so goddamn impossibly boring. I was going to take a break from members because I've been playing RS too much lately but FTP is just complete cancer.

Had a dc for a few minutes, and had to get up for a few minutes as well, but checked the xp pile of salt runescape bot a little over halfway when I was dc'd and just did xp until then.

Reddit Island mahoganies are real comfy lads. Abuse death mechanics for corp, raids u can solo or group have to bring and make all ur own supplies inside though and all the rest can be solo'd. Rakka is so cute. Very somber show, though. It's far from what I expected it to be, pile of salt runescape bot laid back and kind pile of salt runescape bot quirky. Not a lot of dialogue, and sometimes it pile of salt runescape bot be awkwardly quiet.

Overall I'd say it can come across and boring and off putting, but I really liked the atmosphere and characters. Would recommend it, but be prepared for not getting what you expect. Doings and listenings youtube. Last weekend, you missed it, user. We were all there and Zezima gave us all copies of what MGS5 would have been if it wasn't bad.

I feel like I'm not getting that many marks. What do you think you're doing? I have to get it pile of salt runescape bot 50 for quests. MGS5 pile of salt runescape bot good though you retard i still play it.

Good game that takes place in the same universe but a totally different game. I have to exercise all my willpower to not turn on my mouse's autoclicking macro in this game. You're still fresh to the game from those stats, literally do anything it doesn't matter. It can't get anymore AFK than that. How the fuck does every player in the game have full graceful. People grind Canafis from Don't listen to the "graceful is overrated" retards, you'll wear that shit everywhere.

I've moved on to filling the north? I want to start Pvming. I don't think you need much anymore. That's actually not bad. I'm a noob so I'm just following the wiki. What else should I be doing for ranged? Bear in mind that being a noob I have limited pile of salt runescape bot. Do you have a minimum wage job? Then there's no reason to be poor in this game. He doesn't even have Elite Void Wew lad, you just started last week?

Also started 80 days ago. Winter is coming, mobile osrs is coming to further enrich our autism. Does anyone have some cool osrs related mobile wallpapers they care to share?

Still not useful when you get a clue and don't know. I guess people just build them all at once? Make a spreadsheet with all the items and remove the ones you build. When you get a clue just search for them and if you cant find it just get them out. Man I like this game, but I really need to quit. I just spent 12 hours clicking the same few objects over and over again.

That does not feel good at all. I've got 10mil banked just sitting there. Should I invest into 70 pray while at 60 or pile of salt runescape bot Construction? He's prob doing that so he can afk for longer periods of time, I wouldn't bother asking someone to hop but if the worlds free I'd do it. I recently bought a bond for the first time ever and am stil overwhelmed by the amount of content.

I haven't "done" anything for 3 days now, as everything seems too big to do. Give me some tips on having fun, guys. There really isn't anything else that'd remotely interest me. Still, I have been multitasking with resident evil 5. The claustrophobic draw distance isn't helping, either. Pretty sure there's no requirements besides a lowish thieving level to get in and to pickpocket them. I have never PVMed in my years of playing but got really interested of pile of salt runescape bot the content I've missed out on.

I have no knowledge of combat outside of yaks for xp etc, Can I start now with my current combat stats? I do have Barrows gloves so I'm not a total idiot. Couple your varrock bstaves with tree runs. You do both once a day, doesn't take very long, and the profit form staves pays for your seeds. Gets you to do both without forgetting, and not worrying about dropping a lot of money at once on farming.

Obviously it's not like this saves money or anything, but might help with the grind and feeling of spending pile of salt runescape bot your money.

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