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The fiftieth TOP list has been released. Although there has been little change at the top of the list, China now dominates the list in terms of the number of systems, rising to from in June, with the U. However, this seems to be the result of Chinese vendors pushing more commercial systems to get on the list:. To wit, 68 out of the 96 systems that China introduced onto the latest list utilize 10G networking and none are deployed at research sites.

The benchmarking of Internet and telecom systems for Top glory is not new. For comparison's sake, the US put 19 new systems on the list and eight of those rely on 10G networking. The submission rules allow for what is essentially benchmarking by proxy. If Linpack is run and verified on one system, the result can be assumed for other systems of the same or greater configuration, so it's possible to put together concerted efforts to list more systems, whether out of a desire to show apparent market share, opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin simply for national pride.

Sunway TaihuLight continues to lead the list at just over 93 petaflops. Due to its use of PEZY "manycore" processors, Gyoukou is now the supercomputer with the highest number of cores in the list's history 19, The system has an Rmax of 1.

Opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin system has an Rmax of The combined peformance of the top systems is petaflops, up from petaflops. Things are a little opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin interesting on the Green list.

The Opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin system B has an efficiency of The SC2 has 2, cores and 8 threads per core, and has a single-precision peak performance of about 8. Each SC2 also includes six MIPS opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin cores, making it possible to eliminate the opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin for an Intel Xeon host processor, although that has not been done in any of the new systems.

On the 21st Opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin listthe top three most efficient supercomputers as well as the 5 most efficient supercomputer all use PEZY-SC2 "manycore" chips. A new list was published on top US appears on rank 4, Japan on rank 7, and Germany is not in the top ten at all. All operating systems in the top are Linux and derivates. It seems obvious that, since it is highly optimized hardware, only operating systems are viable which can be fine-tune so, either open source or with vendor-support for such customizations.

Still I would have thought that, since a lot of effort needs to be invested anyway, maybe other systems BSD? This might be helpful:.

Now 15, W divided by Cores 10, gives: Can that even be write? I don't know, do you suggest that's too low consumption or too high? For too low, take a look at Japan's first:. Once you have a second data point, you should: The SC2 is a second-generation chip featuring twice as many cores — i. Although those chips integrate 2, cores, only 1, opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin are active in order to improve yield.

The supercomputer also uses Intel Xeons which use a lot more Watts per core. So this manycore chip could enable a 1 exaflops supercomputer opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin Now please excuse me while I go order a couple more boxes of polygons.

Also a few additional dimensions because Amazon is having a special if you order eight or more right before Bleak Friday!. And how much does this kind of a rig cost to setup and then in electricity bill? Inquiring minds and all that. I guess in reality they're used in something way more lucrative and clandestine that good ol BTC.

That's a lot of juice to distribute is a small space. I'm sure the utility company would have to run new sub transmission lines to whatever facility is using this opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin power. Even the higher primary medium voltages most utilities use for would require circuits of at least A Thats a lot of copper.

It also brings up a good question: Are there computer power supplies which operate at higher line voltages, e. That would lower the install cost as V vs V is a 4x reduction in current and moving to three phase provides almost 7 times more power V vs V single phase. A single 20A Opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin three phase circuit will provide I don't see why specialized data centers opteron 6274 gflops for bitcoin move to higher voltages for the power supplies. If you're worried about safety, don't so long as properly designed wiring devices are used.

I did a bit of googling and only found an article from Cray for using V and another using the single phase V of a V wye. Honestly, if we believe this, 25 MW can be reached instead see table above the following paragraph in the article:. With the help of ExaScaler, PEZY hopes to expand the system to about cooling tanks which should give you an idea how just how many of those chips they intend on using.

In addition to those features, PEZY has been considering the use of multi-die chips in order to further increase the number of cores. And the power-hungry Intel Xeons can be ditched not sure if they will.

Stories Slash Boxes Comments. Bug List Dev Server. However, this seems to be the result of Chinese vendors pushing more commercial systems to get on the list: This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. We are not responsible for them in any way. Power consumption Power consumption Score: This might be helpful: Soylent Upgrade v14 [soylentnews.

Nailed it in one Mr. For too low, take a look at Japan's first: I was thinking too low. But your second data point is helpful. Maybe we could submit the computation to an HPC somewhere? So how many of the Top are running Docker? Up in the air: Docker Swarm or Kubernetes? Vi vs Edlin vs Emacs? So, how many Bitcoins do you get with these? Honestly, if we believe this, 25 MW can be reached instead see table above the following paragraph in the article: Come quickly, I am tasting stars! National Super Computer Center in Guangzhou.

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