How to sign a transaction using the Mycelium wallet

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This is an old school LG G3 that was sent in completely dead. The screws on the back of the phone show significant rust indicating that it was dropped into water at some point. I have gone ahead and removed the motherboard from the phone. I will be using the chip off method to access the data and recover the wallet. On the back of the motherboard is mycelium ethereum EMMC chip where all the data is stored. The epoxy has to be removed first before the chip can be desoldered from the motherboard, so here I have begun to scrape away at it from the sides.

To remove the potting epoxy and desolder mycelium ethereum EMMC chip so it mycelium ethereum be read from I have a setup with a microscope, hot air soldering station, and other assorted soldering irons. The EMMC chip has been desoldered from the motherboard now. Here you can see a better view of the black potting epoxy that has been used to encase the chip. The silver pads mycelium ethereum where the chip used to go are the pads on the motherboard that connect to the chip.

I put the mycelium ethereum into a vise so I can mycelium ethereum cleaning mycelium ethereum up and removing any left over potting epoxy and solder. I quickly opened mycelium ethereum the databases in an SQLite database GUI but did not find anything that immediately indicated a mycelium ethereum key of mycelium ethereum. However, I decided that in the unlikely chance that Mycelium does not encrypt the private keys more on this laterI could simply copy the database onto a working device and see if Mycelium would open it for me instead of having to parse through the database and search for the private keys manually.

Luckily though there was a Moto G4 running Marshmallow at the shop, so unlocking the bootloader and rooting the device was about as simple and straightforward as it could get. One swipe later and I was officially a super user!

I copied over the recovered database folder to a microSD and put it into the phone. And then downloaded Mycelium wallet and Solid Explorer from the Play store. The wallet has been recovered! I now have full access to the private keys and can transfer them to cold storage mycelium ethereum another wallet. For better or for worse, I suspect the main reason why I was able to recover the wallet relatively easily once I had access to the old filesystem was due to: The EMMC chip is surrounded by potting epoxy.

Tools being used to remove the EMMC chip. Desoldered the EMMC chip from the motherboard. Lots of potting epoxy underneath it. Cleaning up the EMMC chip for reading. Here it is all cleaned up and ready for reading. You can see it is barely the size of a dime! Beginning the actual data recovery process. Mycelium ethereum we can plug the reader into the computer mycelium ethereum begin exploring the filesystem. Locating the Mycelium wallet in the filesystem.

A Moto G4 that was lying around the shop. Perfect for my needs! Unlocking the bootloader, made easy thanks to Motorola. Copying over the recovered Mycelium wallet database.

Placing the recovered databases into the Mycelium app folder. Then the recovered databases can be pasted into the folder. Now, will Mycelium open mycelium ethereum Tagged bitcoin board btc business computer repair crypto cryptocurrency data data recovery ethereum ipad iphone logic mac macbook micro micro soldering supply microsoldering mycelium phone repair repair security small business soldering technology wallet.

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