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He became so dominant on the London comic stage that the harlequinade role of Clown became known as "Joey", and both the nickname and Grimaldi's whiteface make-up design were, and still are, used by other types of clowns.

Grimaldi originated catchphrases such as "Here we are again! Born in London to an entertainer father, Grimaldi began to liv beauty exmouth market as a child, making his stage debut at Drury Lane in He became successful at the Sadler's Wells Theatre the following year; his first major role was as Little Clown in the pantomime The Triumph of Mirth; or, Harlequin's Wedding inin which he starred alongside his father.

After a brief schooling, he appeared in various low-budget productions and became a sought-after child performer. He took leading parts in Valentine and Orson and The Talisman; or, Harlequin Made Happythe latter of which brought him wider recognition. Towards the end of the s, Grimaldi starred in a pantomime version of Robinson Crusoewhich confirmed his credentials as a key pantomime performer. Many productions followed, but his career at Drury Lane was becoming turbulent, and he left the theatre in In his new association with liv beauty exmouth market Covent Garden theatre, he appeared at the end of the same year in Thomas John Dibdin 's Liv beauty exmouth market and Mother Goose ; or, The Golden Liv beauty exmouth marketwhich included perhaps his best known portrayal of Clown.

Grimaldi's residencies at Covent Garden and Sadler's Wells ran simultaneously, and he became known as London's leading Liv beauty exmouth market and comic entertainer, enjoying many successes at both theatres. His popularity in London led to a demand for him to appear in provincial theatres throughout Liv beauty exmouth market, where he commanded large fees. Grimaldi's association with Sadler's Wells came to an end inchiefly as a result of his deteriorating relationship with the theatre's management.

After numerous injuries over the years from his energetic clowning, his health was also declining rapidly, and he retired in He appeared occasionally on stage for a few years thereafter, but his performances were restricted by his worsening physical disabilities.

In his last years, Grimaldi lived in relative obscurity and became a depressed, impoverished alcoholic. He outlived both his wife and his actor son, Joseph Samueldying at home liv beauty exmouth market Islington inaged Grimaldi was born in Clare Marketin WestminsterLondon, into a family of dancers and comic performers.

There he performed the role of Pantaloon opposite John Rich 's Harlequin. Grimaldi's father, Joseph Giuseppe Grimaldi c. He was later engaged by David Garrick to play Pantaloon in pantomimes at the Theatre Royal, Drury Laneearning high praise, [8] and eventually became the ballet master there. Grimaldi's father was a serial philanderer who had at least ten children with three different women.

Inhe divided his time between two London addresses occupied by his mistresses, Brooker and Anne Perry. Both women gave birth that year, Perry to a daughter named Henrietta and Brooker to Joseph. From the age of two, Grimaldi was taught to act the characters in the harlequinade by his father. Although he and his younger brother John Baptiste both displayed acting talent, Joseph was groomed for the London stage.

Drury Lane to the wealthy classes of society and Sadler's Wells to the boisterous working class. Their success on the London stage allowed the Grimaldis to enjoy an affluent lifestyle in contrast to other working-class families living in Clare Market and Holborn.

Grimaldi's father suffered ill health for many years and died of dropsy in They moved to the slum district of St. Gileswhere they took lodgings with a furrier in Great Wild Street. Grimaldi saw him only once more in his life. John Philip Kemble took over the producer's director's duties at Drury Lane later in when Sheridan was promoted to chief treasurer. In the Drury Lane Theatre was demolished, [42] and Grimaldi was loaned to the Haymarket Theatrewhere he appeared, briefly, in the opera Cymonwhich starred the tenor Michael Kelly.

On 21 Aprilthe new Drury Lane theatre opened, and Grimaldi, now 15 years old, resumed his place as one of the principal juvenile performers. The pantomime was a success, and Grimaldi received rave reviews. Grimaldi met his future wife, Maria Hughes in The eldest daughter of the proprietor of the Sadler's Wells theatre, Richard Hughes, [48] Maria was introduced to Grimaldi by liv beauty exmouth market mother, Rebecca Brooker, and a romance soon blossomed.

They married on 11 May [49] and moved to 37 Penton Street, Pentonville. The roles he took in these productions were eccentric and usually reserved for low comedians. Despite this, he was praised for his characterisations and was deemed a player of legitimate adult roles at Drury Lane, which qualified him to become a member of the prestigious Drury Lane Theatrical Fund. InDrury Lane suspended its tradition of staging an annual Christmas pantomime, which meant that Grimaldi had to seek work elsewhere during the festive period.

Grimaldi made a big impression, especially in Dibdin's Easter liv beauty exmouth market, Peter Wilkins: Clown's costume was "garishly colourful The production was a hit, and the new costume design was copied by others in London.

With the Christmas season approaching, and the success of Peter Wilkins still a topic of conversation within theatrical circles, Kemble decided to stage the first Drury Lane pantomime in three years, Harlequin Amulet; or, The Magick of Monawith Grimaldi as Punch and then as Clown, instead of Dubois.

Grimaldi and Dubois liv beauty exmouth market together again later that spring at Sadler's Wells in Dibdin's Harlequin Alchemistwhich set up a mock duel between the two Clowns, with the audience deciding who could liv beauty exmouth market the most hideous face. Dubois was relegated to the role of Pierrot, while Grimaldi liv beauty exmouth market Clown. Grimaldi's mother was in the cast, appearing as the Liv beauty exmouth market Wife.

He then appeared in another Dibdin play, The Great Devil. They formed a close friendship, which resulted in a loving relationship, [69] and they married on 24 December He also took up an engagement at his father-in-law's theatre in Exeter. His dismissal from Drury Lane was short-lived, and he was reinstated within a few months [74] in a revival of Harlequin Amulet.

Sadler's Wells closed for refurbishment at the end of its season and re-opened on 19 April ; Grimaldi returned to take a major role in the Easter pantomime, for which he designed the look of his recurring Clown character "Joey".

He began by painting a white base over his face, neck and chest before adding red triangles on the cheeks, thick eyebrows and large red lips set in a mischievous grin. Grimaldi's design is used by many modern clowns. According to Grimaldi's biographer Andrew McConnell Stott, it was one of the most important theatrical designs liv beauty exmouth market the s.

George, Champion of England opposite his friend Jack Bologna. This was followed by Ko and Zoa; or, the Belle Savage. A critic from The Times remarked that the pair's death scene together was "truely affecting" [ sic ].

Grimaldi returned to Drury Lane late in and starred in a production of Bluebeard[83] followed by the Christmas pantomime Love and Magic. Grimaldi played the part of Pedro, a servant to Cinderella's sisters. The production was a major success for the theatre, enhanced by Michael Kelly's musical score; [87] however Grimaldi and the critics grew concerned that the theatre was underusing his talents and that he was miscast in the role.

Drury Lane staged the opera Lodoiskain which Grimaldi, his mother and his wife all had starring roles. He accepted on the proviso that his wages be increased for the show's entire run and not liv beauty exmouth market until a new dancing instructor was found. D'Egville's debut production was Terpsichore's Returnin which Grimaldi played Liv beauty exmouth market, a role which he considered to be one of his best assignments to date.

Dibdin advised him to leave Drury Liv beauty exmouth market and to take up a residency at the nearby Covent Garden Theatre. Harris was already a supporter of the shows and had employed the writing talents of both Charles Dibdin and his co-writer Charles Farley. InGrimaldi bought a second home, a cottage in Finchleyto which he retired between seasons. The Dibdins leased the theatre, [99] but it was badly in need of repair. As a result audiences were small, and the show's box-office takings suffered.

Grimaldi donated his salary to help pay for the renovation of the theatre. After two more plays, the company moved back to London. Harlequin and the Forty Virgins opened the Easter season at Sadler's Wells and lasted the entire season. Grimaldi sang "Me and my Neddy", which proved very successful for both him and the theatre.

It completed a run of performances over a two-year residency, a record for any London theatre production at the time. In Septembera fire at the Covent Garden theatre destroyed much of the Mother Goose scenery; the production transferred to the Haymarket Theatre where it completed its run.

Bydespite Grimaldi's success as a performer, he was close to bankruptcy as a result of his wife's extravagant spending, a number of thefts by his accountant and the cost of maintaining both an idyllic country lifestyle and his son JS's private education. That year, he travelled to Cheltenham and appeared again as Scaramouche in a revival of Don Juan. In nearby Gloucester he met the poet Lord Byronon whose poem the play was based, at a dinner party.

The receipts at the box-office were unusually large and confirmed, in Grimaldi's mind, that his son was liv beauty exmouth market of sustaining his own career. Grimaldi suffered two setbacks towards the end of the year, becoming housebound for a liv beauty exmouth market months due to illness [] and learning of the death of his friend, mentor liv beauty exmouth market former father-in-law, Richard Hughes, in December.

Duringthe relationship between Grimaldi and Thomas Dibdin became strained. Dibdin, as manager at Sadler's Wells, denied Grimaldi's request for a month's leave to tour the provincial theatres. Dibdin was annoyed at the tolerant attitude Grimaldi displayed in his position as the Chief Judge and Treasurer of the Sadler's Wells Court of Rectitude, a body set up to regulate the behaviour of performers.

Dibdin agreed to a salary increase but bristled at Grimaldi's other demands and eventually gave the position of resident Clown to the little-known Signor Paulo. He sustained bruising and strains from two falls, the second of which left him briefly unable to walk.

At Easterin The Talking Bird, or, Perizade Columbine[2] he introduced perhaps his best known song "Hot Codlins", an audience participation song about a seller of roasted apples who gets drunk on gin while working the streets of London. Grimaldi sought inspiration for the character of the apple seller by walking around the streets of London and observing real-life tradespeople. Despite Signor Paulo's success at Sadler's Wells, Richard Hughes's widow Lucy, who was a majority shareholder at the theatre, pleaded with Grimaldi to return.

He agreed on the conditions that he was sold an eighth share in the theatre, remained the resident Clown and received a salary of 12 guineas a week. The show was a disaster and liv beauty exmouth market after one night.

Grimaldi was booed off the stage after an impromptu joke eating a prop mouse upset the audience and caused two female audience members to fight in the auditorium. Grimaldi's debut as a theatre proprietor was also a failure. Although Jack Bologna, Mary, JS and Bologna's wife Louisa were all cast in Grimaldi's only commissioned pantomime, The Fates; or, Harlequin's Holy Dayhe had underestimated the amount of work required to run a theatre, and the strain of management hastened the already rapid deterioration in his health.

Egerton wanted to keep Grimaldi on the payroll but proposed loaning him to other theatres. Grimaldi refused a contract on these terms and instead appeared alongside JS in a few engagements in Ireland. Grimaldi played the wife of the lead character Baron Pomposini; the role was probably an early example of a pantomime dame.

That September he appeared at Covent Garden, as Kasrac in Aladdin followed by the Christmas pantomime Harlequin and Friar Bacon ; the pantomime was particularly successful. Doctors diagnosed him as suffering from "premature old age".

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