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I always personally have fun reading old posts about Litecoin on Reddit. Gives us insight into the uncertainty in the markets right now. Reddit September 15 — https: It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice. The crypto market is on the rise and with it is a growing demand for information on the cryptocurrency markets.

Creative Commons Attribution 4. Free ltc btc and ETH trading bot. Your Balance will litecoin market sentimentltc reddit according to your Base rate and Referral commissions. No but really, I need a CCV shirt to sport around town. Getting a few LTC Beanie's and some shirts here soon. I am holding to buy more I want four more.

But with us past I believe that will be support once we pass well I am in it to moon sooner then later litecoinfam patience.

I'm gonna ask the question everyone else is wondering Litecoin market sentimentltc reddit. What's your July and December price expectation? Thanx for the video. I say between 10 and 15k by July.

Wow Dan, you just puked my healed wound. On that day someone said "look out cheap coins", I sold out All my Ltc 89 and went Vacation. Just hoping one day to see the light from litecoin hahaha get it?

But with sweaty hand on the keyboard…. Tether still concerns me. U never talked about this but LTC was 0. I hope it will recover soon to 0.

I'll be happy with slow and steady too. Don't want do deal with another long long correction again… Either way I'm hodling. Litecoin looking healthy and soon lots of people will be litecoin market sentimentltc reddit thier litecoin market sentimentltc reddit returns. So the volume I think is coming. Some times you eat the Bear, Sometimes the Bear eats you!!! And this big BEAR just begin to eat. Thanks for the video, and your realistic view. I believe LTC has the best potential litecoin market sentimentltc reddit mass adoption.

The TA show that the price could break either way; but when you add the fundamentals into the equation I'm leaning towards an upward price move. The past news releases haven't done much as positive as they where but sooner or later I'm hoping for sooner this news has to reflect in the price. B-Cash is dead in the water.

I Wish that it will Litecoin market sentimentltc reddit for now but, it was on a Bull market…. I finally got my mom to buy some litecoin. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

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It is available on for use on all major operating systems and can be modified to fit every userвs preferences. More updates on how to buy and how to install or how to setup the trading bot will follow soon. Bitcoin arbitrage on GitHub 2 monthly return, market neutral long short. For the daily chart, it is calculated for the entire trading day. Iu0027ve put: use 15 balance but it doesnu0027t work, it didnu0027t even buy thecoins.