Soft forks (Segwit, Segwit 2X...)

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Segwit recently launched on the Bitcoin network with the promise of cheaper fees and more transactions per second, but much to everyone's dismay, the big day came ledger wallet bitcoin segwit and nothing happened. Why are all our transactions not immediately cheaper?

It would ledger wallet bitcoin segwit that there is some misunderstanding with how Segwit works. This upgrade does indeed allow for cheaper fees and frees up space for more transactions per block - but it is "OPT-IN" meaning that wallet providers and users have to actively choose to use it. As the industry and users begin to migrate, they will be able to take advantage of these new features.

To the best of my ledger wallet bitcoin segwit, the first company to open up the segwit option to the general public is Ledger, with their Ledger Nano S wallet.

The process is really quite simple once you see it - you're essentially starting a new account and transferring your Bitcoin to it. Also, please share on social media, because the more people that take these steps, the ledger wallet bitcoin segwit transactions per second the Bitcoin network will ledger wallet bitcoin segwit capable of handling.

Now, if you don't have a Ledger, don't fret - Trezor is rolling out Segwit support TODAY, and many other mobile wallet apps should have support in the near future. These things start slow, but as they build momentum we should start to see a sort of snowball effect. Hi Ben good Vid and thanks for sharing but wanted to let you know you can see your amounts in the video at 4: Good reason to move to a Segwit address. Here is some more explanation about how to generate and move to a segwit address: The link to your how to on Ledger Nano S is not given below your video.

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Is your Bitcoin getting kind of old and dusty sitting on an exchange or a legacy address? You can easily upgrade to SegWit and store it safely with this little guide:. First, simply open up your Ledger Nano S with the Chrome wallet app, like you have done before.

You can send your old Legacy Bitcoin to a new SegWit address with this app. Now, enter your Bitcoin app on the hardware wallet. When asked to choose your address type, instead of choosing "Legacy", open a new SegWit account by clicking on "SegWit". Now, go to wherever you are sending your SegWit from. If it's on your Ledger, simply go to settings, choose "blockchain" and go to your Legacy addresses. Choose send and paste the new SegWit address into the send bar.

Be sure your address is correct and matches exactly! This is super important! Send your Bitcoin from its old, decrepit Legacy address to a shiny new SegWit address by clicking "send".

You will notice that the fee for sending your Bitcoin should be much lower than it used to be! If you're sending from an exchange such as Coinbase, you may need to wait for a pending transaction. This is a delay on Coinbase's side - it's not the fault of SegWit. Just be patient if there is a delay. Again, this is not the fault of SegWit and hopefully in the future, Coinbase clears up these delays. Enjoy your upgraded Bitcoin experience! The more Bitcoin that is moved over to SegWit, the better it will be for the network!

If you're interested in trading cryptocurrencies, check out Binance by using my referral link and sign up today! If you do not have a Ledger Nano S, you can pick one up at the official site at https: Do not buy from re-selling sites like Ebay! Join the new protocol! You can easily upgrade to SegWit and store it safely with this little guide: Go to "receive" and copy the new SegWit address that is generated.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.