New York Lock Standard

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As far as bike security is concerned, Kryptonite is without a doubt one of the leading brands on the market.

He was working on developing a lock that would offer New York bike owners the perfect solution to the increasing incidents of bike thefts. And after all his hard work, it is safe to kryptonite new york standard bicycle ulock weight that his brainchild changed the world of bike security kryptonite new york standard bicycle ulock weight.

The Kryptonite New York U Lock Standard is one of their finest creations to date and with all its amazing features it is not so hard to see why it is so popular. Below is a comprehensive review of the bike lock in terms of what we like about it and a few snags here and there that you might have to deal with if you buy it. While considering the security of your bike, it is safe to say that you can never go wrong with a U bike lock. This design meant to make it difficult for thieves to defeat the lock and steal your bike.

The Kryptonite New York U Lock Standard lock has a 16 mm thick shackle which makes it resilient against attacks by bolt cutters and most other cutting tools used by bike thieves. It measures 4 inches in width by 8 inches in length. These dimensions are beneficial in two ways. The first is that they offer enough space for you as the bike owner to have a variety of objects to choose from around which to fasten your bike.

This can be anything from a standard bike rack to the rails on the staircase next to your office. The space within the shackle bend is also sufficient for fastening around some street light poles. The second advantage provided by these dimensions is the kryptonite new york standard bicycle ulock weight from attack by bold cutters. As a standard sized lock, you get to enjoy more space. The weight is because of the high quality materials used in this lock, making the extra pounds more than worth the trouble.

The 16mm shackle have patented hardened steel sleeve all over the shackle. This sleeve serves the purpose of providing additional security by protecting the shackle from attack by any cutting tool. This lock is one of the few on the market that is currently available with this revolutionary locking mechanism.

The double locking deadbolt features means that both ends of the U kryptonite new york standard bicycle ulock weight shackle are bolted leaving the thief with no choice but having to cut both shafts. A centered keyway is one of the most effective ways of protecting the lock from attack by leveraging.

The position of the lock also makes it difficult for thieves to gain easy access for attack using picking tools. This feature is unique to Kryptonite brand locks and exists as an additional protective measure. This feature in particular seeks to protect the lock itself from corrosion and other forms of damage due to exposure to natural elements. The result after long term us is a lock that not only functions optimally but that also looks pretty good.

There is no denying the fact that the Kryptonite New York Lock Standard bike lock reflects the high quality and great performance that we have learnt to expect from Kryptonite. Brand History As far as bike security is concerned, Kryptonite is without a doubt one of the leading brands on the market. Pros — The cylinder have sliding dust cover for weather resistant. Cons — It is very heavy thus difficult and inconvenient to carry around.

Final verdict There is no denying the fact that the Kryptonite New York Lock Standard bike lock reflects the high quality and great performance that we have learnt kryptonite new york standard bicycle ulock weight expect from Kryptonite.

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This lock is good for two things. Knocking people out and securing bikes. Hence, with my recent move to Swiss Cottage I decided it was about time to step up my bike lock to the next level. To ramp it up. To push the boundaries. To take it to the professional level. To go up to the next gear. The lock I decided to buy for myself needs no X-factor style introduction but I will give it one anyway.

It has won many safety awards, kept many bicycles safe on lonely nights left outdoors and has made many would be bike thieves cry at their inadequacy. Okay, perhaps that is a little extreme. If a thief is dedicated enough they will get through any lock. However, people smarter than me and with much deeper pockets have tested out the lock and they found it to be extremely resistant.

The lock completely resisted the first attack which involves a hammer, a steel bar, bolt cutters, a chisel and an axe! The second attack involves a portable angle grinder! It took a total of 1 minute 5 seconds to get through it which in the world of bike locks is a very long time indeed. The Kryptonite New York lock comes with a bracket to attach to your bike, 3 keys including one with a tiny light and various guarantees. What you need to ask yourself with this lock is how much you value having peace of mind against how heavy a lock you want to carry around.

The Kryptonite New York weighs in at roughly 1. When locking the bike around just the frame I find I find the diameter large enough to lock it around most objects. When I use the proper locking technique which is around the back wheel and through the middle of the frame the diameter is a little short but this is a problem with all bike locks not just this one. The below picture is a comparison of the Kryptonite New York with my standard D lock and as you can see it is a lot thicker.

I tend to complement the Kryptonite with a chain lock and I think I will be very surprised the day someone bothers to go to the trouble of breaking through both the locks.

My solution is to have a folding bike. I know folders are not what everyone wants, but if you commute, may be easier than being weighed down by mega locks? Makes the abus locks look like cable ties. Hi very interesting website. What concerned me is what you said about the Abus locks as I have just bought two fairly highly rated locks to protect my new bike.

Are they no good? Please reply so I can go and switch them for the Kryptonite…. It did put a bit of a dampener on the Kryptonite New York I like your suggestion to put some grease on the silver bracket because I was finding it very hard to slide it on. I am the MD of text-lock and we are soon launching our new product text-padlock, which is a padlock which can be operated remotely by mobile phone, leaving an electronic signature of anyone using or requesting access.

Mounting problems ooer seem to be a common thing — I had problems mounting my Abus lock to my bike, too. I went for the bungee strap on the pannier rack option, but if you mainly go to one place where you need to lock it eg work then by far the most convenient thing is to leave the lock at work, secured to its rack, pillar or whatever. Leaving the lock in the office is a good suggestion. These things are steel and they rust — water gets into the gaps where the two halves of the lock meet, and this causes corrosion that may fuse the two parts together.

If the water freezes overnight, craaaack, broken lock. When I was in college I used to carry my U-lock… wait for it… around my neck! The bracket was too small to fit around my frame cheap lock , too big to fit in my bag with my books and when I kept it on the handlebars it threw my steering off.

The best place on most bikes for a U-lock bracket would be on the seat post so the lock points back over the back wheel. But this is the place most people have their lights and mudguards, so there is not enough space. I have the same problem with trying to fit it in the main triangle of my bike a mountain bike frame. For the last few years I have always put my lock in my bag. I use bags with an outer compartment which will take the lock, cable, lights etc.

They are quite long so can break. The feedback I have heard from a bikeshop is that at the moment lots of people are coming in to get new keys. It should turn easily with no resisitance, if not check the key is in properly. Thanks for the review, noticed that you could have locked your bike to a thicker railing or two thinner ones in one of the pictures, and you could probably fill the u-lock up more by getting the pedal crank in as well.

Hi Paul, all good points. When I took the pic it was just to demonstrate the lock. Plus this is when it is locked inside my tower block so less need for strict security.

Happy to admit however that at all times it should be locked to thicker post and usually it is. Thanks for your article. It was most interesting. Thats pretty damn fast, I had a guy come in the shop who had to have his cut off his frame, says it took this key cutter hardware guy 10 minutes with an angle grinder. Em whats the point in buying a 70 quid lock that cant be picked and takes like 8 minutes to angle grind through then lock it to a spindely fence that could be cut with a pair of bolt cutters in abour 5 seconds.

U need to work on your locking. Its not enought having an expensive lock, you need to know how to use it. Hah, love how that picture is still drawing comments! It was just a quick pic I took for demonstration! I have attached a bit of metal tube to the side of my panier with 2 jubilee clips. This allows you to attach a D lock passing it through the tube, no need for a plastic bracket.

As the D lock is quite heavy it does not bounce around. Far better and less convenient to bring the lock with you and take it home or leave it somewhere safe when you leave.

Is it SoldSecure rated? I very much doubt that an unprotected 10 mm shackle would stand-up to bolt cutters, or various other attacks known to me — and I am not a bike thief. If I were a bike thief presented with this lock, I would combine a freeze attack with a physical attack.

Remember, crooks buy these and then set about defeating them at leisure in their workshop. Having had a carbon fibre bike stolen some years ago, I looked carefully into security. Most D locks can be opened if there is any space left in the centre, hence the need to fill this with something like the attaching post and front wheel. Also make sure that the lock cannot be held or rested against anything solid, that is how they are damaged by hammer attack.

But I would not just rely on that, I also utilise a forged and strengthened chain covered in an old mountain bike inner tube, and use an Abloy padlock. These have been shown in tests to be better than many others and provided you get one with high shoulders to protect the shackle, they are quite effective.

They are not widely available though and only good locksmiths keep them, plus they are not cheap. Having two or three different devices will not stop your bike being pinched, it is just more likely that the theif will go and look for an easier target.

If they are hacksawing just one lock they can always say to passers by that they have lost their key, but having two or three to saw through is more likely to bring about suspicion. Leave your bike in an area with CCTV too, again not going to prevent the determined crook but the more deferents you have the better. Or just buy a Brompton……. Im also curious about Text-Lock not being supported by SoldSecure.

The NY is a beast of a lock and as for taking up a lot of space in your bage — its worth getting a bigger man bag to cope with the bulk! I have just bought two Abus locks to protect my new bike. Anyone have any experience with these locks and know whether they are any good?

Reading up about all these bike thefts is really worrying me about riding my beautiful new bike to work! I looked for and failed to find these locks on the Abus website. Maybe not secure enough for an expensive bike in London. I am not however worried about price but can anyopne recommend it? This lock did a great job of keeping my pride and joy safe when I lived in London, sadly the dang key broke inside the lock after about a year!

Had to use an angle grinder to get the bike off the rack in the end, worryingly took the grand total of about 30 seconds to cut both arms. I bought this lock based on your review to protect my new racer. Totally worth it in my opinion. Howard — actually, the bracket is universal on Kryptonite locks but there might still not be room in your frame to fit it — you need to have room to slide the lock off the bracket, too! Those D locks may be great i. If I managed to do just that they usually rattled noise!

The lock can be folded and be put into a pouch which can be installed inside the frame in place of a bottle holder use bottle holder screws, if a bottle fits the lock will fit too. Unless you know this seller, it probably is worth avoiding.

I use this lock all the time, it does the job as a visual deterrent if nothing else. I mounted my bracket sideways on the seat tube, facing the non-drive side of the bike. A bit of fiddling with the supplied Allen key and various angles, and it holds the lock nicely by the wheel. And today I found it.