Kryptonite Series 2 Standard U-lock With FlexFrame Bracket

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No need to review further bike locks. It turns out the Kryptonite team has been harassing New York bike messengers with probing questions such as: As someone used to the 1. As you would expect, with reduced weight comes reduced security. Is this enough to secure your bike in London? Everyone needs to make that calculation of how much kryptonite lock mounts they are willing to carry vs.

To kryptonite lock mounts, you need to register on the Kryptonite website and pay a small yearly fee. I recommend checking the terms and conditions on the site. If you are locking your bike to a typical bike stand, then the mini is large enough to go through the rear wheel, frame and post. Kryptonite have smartly increased the shackle dimensions, which gives a little more locking flexibility.

In kryptonite lock mounts, this makes a difference and provides a decent range of locking options around Kryptonite lock mounts. Only locks such as the Hiplock will be able to pull that off. The first is a dust cover, which can be positioned above the keyhole. With your purchase, you get 2 keys which come with a coiled wrist keychain.

This is actually surprisingly useful. While fiddling with your lock, your keys can sit on your wrist. It feels like a good balance has been struck between the internal locking dimensions, security and weight. The upside of being a 7 out of 10 on the security scale is you get a lighter lock, which feels more convenient. Just out of interest, was the lock given to you to keep by Kryotonite or Amazon, or was it purchased, full price?

I kryptonite lock mounts the Abus Mini We mentioned a few locks here — Original Kryptonite was purchased, Kryptonite Mini was sent to us by Kryptonite distributor in the UK for testing and Hiplock was purchased. Thanks for asking Roger!

All U locks look much more secure than cable locks. Its internal dimensions are 2. I bought this lock on the strength of your review, and used it today. The Anti Theft Protection Offer absolutely should not be a reason to buy this lock. Quick and easy to use? If you find any lock complicated to use you have fluked your way past millions of other more deserving sperms and do not deserve your place on earth!

Fits in back pocket nicely, and also some nice belt holders on the market now as well. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Notify kryptonite lock mounts of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Have Kryptonite just been twiddling their thumbs? As you can imagine, a New York messenger probably listed their bike lock priorities as follows: Fits a range of posts Kryptonite have smartly increased the shackle dimensions, which kryptonite lock mounts a little more locking flexibility. Beyond that, there are a couple of noteworthy features. Kryptonite lock mounts has your experience been with a smaller lock?

Comments Just out of interest, was the lock given to you to keep by Kryotonite or Amazon, or was it purchased, full price? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Gropes D-Lock cover is an individual and eye-catching accessory for the bike customisation enthusiast. Designed to match our handlebar grips, this unique leather cover offers protection for both your lock and frame.

Since we launched Gropes bar grips back in , we have been inspired by the many loyal customers who have openly shared their experiences and ideas with us. Gropes D-Lock cover, our second Gropes product, was born out of this invaluable customer feedback. Gropes D-Lock Cover Honey leather with beige lace. Gropes D-lock Cover Gropes D-Lock cover is an individual and eye-catching accessory for the bike customisation enthusiast. It is a leather thats stays flexible and moulds to its job.

Gropes leathers are supplied with pre-punched holes. Gropes D-lock cover leathers are mm in length by 45mm wide and available in two colours: Black leather with grey laces on Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7. This makes for a harder-wearing product. Because Gropes laces work just like shoelaces, discovering your own preferred lacing style is all part of the fun of customisation. Visit this great website that boasts it will show you 35 different ways to lace shoes: We have laces in three colours: You will need scissors, a ruler, an allen key and a sharp knife.

Use allen key to remove the mount if it becomes an obstruction. Carefully remove the existing vinyl skin with the knife. Neatly trim the leather to the correct length for your lock if necessary. Fit the leather and lace it up tightly. Close the raw end and trim it neatly.

Put the mount back to complete. We will continually check the other major makers for compatibility and update this list. If in doubt, please contact us for advice. A hoop rod diameter of more than 14mm excluding the vinyl skin will result in a noticeable gap under the lacing e.

For larger locks, we offer a bespoke leather cutting service. Please contact us for more details.