Sherry FitzGerald O'Leary Kinsella, Wexford

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A mother murders her children in order to take revenge on her ex-lover marrying a princess. And what an opening — the superlative cast brought this work to life, imbuing every note kinsella estates wexford a thrilling intensity.

The opera features music that is as exciting and absorbing as the drama itself. Jason has left the sorceress Medea, with whom he has had two sons, and is on the point of marrying Glauce, daughter of Creon, King of Corinth. Medea seeks revenge for this kinsella estates wexford.

Using her servant Neris as an envoy, she gifts Glauce a poisoned robe and crown, thereby polishing off her rival. Then she murders her sons before she is engulfed in flames. While filicide is not an hilarious topic, Shaw manages to imbue the first act with some wonderful comedic moments. The filicide was daringly played out in front of our eyes with Medea smothering her sons with pillows, the two young boys Anthony Kenna and Rioch Kinsella kicking very realistically.

There were some glorious voices on offer tonight but it was Norwegian soprano Lise Davidsen who shone as Medea. Gifted with a magnificent voice kinsella estates wexford great power and beauty she effortlessly soared up to all the high notes without the slightest strain.

Her grave doubts of whether she could go through with murdering her children in Act 3 were heartmeltingly tender while her kinsella estates wexford as scorned woman were incandescent. Even when Medea is agitated, Davidsen's kinsella estates wexford never lost that fulsome tone and she shaped each phrase with great sensitivity.

She also proved to be an excellent actress: Her declaration to stay with Medea shimmered with honest emotion. The chorus of Wexford Festival Opera was excellent, singing lustily at the start and then with great terror in the final moments of the opera.

Stephen Barlow conducted at a smart pace but at times this resulted in a somewhat perfunctory performance, with a mismatch of vision between singers and orchestra. It is true that Medea has its flaws but, as this performance proved, with Lise Davidsen kinsella estates wexford the title role and clever directing it can be an utterly compelling drama. Por Andrew Larkin20 octubre Stephen BarlowDirector. Fiona ShawDirector de escena. Sergey RomanovskyJason.

Orchestra kinsella estates wexford Wexford Festival Opera. Chorus of Kinsella estates wexford Festival Opera. A superlative cast, a charming production and glorious music make this a must-see event in this year's festival. Gilda Fiume shines kinsella estates wexford as the eponymous heroine amidst a stellar cast. Barcelona conjuga lo nuevo, lo raro y lo conocido: Joseph Calleja habla sobre la genialidad de Puccini.

Andrew Larkin is a pianist, composer and teacher from Dublin. Educated at Dublin and at Cambridge, he has performed all around Europe and Mexico. He currently teaches piano and composition in Dublin. Todos los derechos reservados.

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