Top 3 Litecoin Price Predictions for 2018

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Out of this concern comes a hesitancy that prevents them from stating the obvious: Ethereum prices could continue to rise. Analysts had the same concern about Bitcoin last summer, and look at where BTC prices are today: Likewise, the Ethereum-to-USD exchange rate will it is predicted ethereum would reach around $2500 in 2018 keep setting record highs inregardless of what mainstream analysts say.

At that point, why would you care about their prediction? You made money, after all. What if they are wrong? It would be easy to ignore one of these reasons, but only someone glued to a bearish position on cryptocurrencies would dismiss them all.

The tailwinds are too obvious. Things get even more definitive when you dig into the performance of various asset classes. Not counting Bitcoin, digital assets outperformed gold, U. Investors could have made up to 40 times their it is predicted ethereum would reach around $2500 in 2018 investment. That being said, there are some pockets of the crypto-world that require deflating. Some of the ICOs, for instance, are taking place with zero oversight or accountability.

The Chinese government banned cryptocurrency trading, Canadian authorities dragged ICOs under the jurisdiction of securities law, the U. There is still tremendous upside left untapped for Ethereum prices. They are worried about a bubble in the crypto market cap. Some of these factors include: The rise of initial coin offerings ICOs on Ethereum. Development of further use-cases.

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