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Gimmer is a decentralized platform DAAP for automated crypto-trading. It offers easy-to-use advanced trading bots that require neither programming skills nor trading experience. Gimmer is ideal for both advanced and novice traders and investors who want to make money on the crypto currency, but do not have the time to look all day at the markets.

Gimmer simply connects to the client account, and then uses advanced algorithmic trading bots to perform operations on behalf of the customer - according to the parameters that the customer has installed. Users can create any number of strategies for trading bots, using a combination of indicators, security measures, and other settings.

After the configuration, the user can run backtests to see how his strategy was executed during the previous trading period - this is developed using historical data. In Gimmer, trade bots how to setup simply your crypto bots in the gimmer demo dapp automated crypto trading platform connected directly and securely.

Inside the Gimmer ecosystem, all customers will be able to share information about crypto-currency systems, ask questions and learn from fellow traders in the embedded social network. Users will also be able to enjoy and evaluate content.

Gimmer has a centralized bot shop, users can share their bot strategies for free, or set their own price, as well as rent their strategies to other users. Using trading bots on Gimmer eliminates the possibility of errors in people, avoids expensive emotional decisions and, most importantly, helps to remember complex trading strategies.

With this system, beginners will be able to invest with confidence and ease, renting strategies in the store Gimmer Bot. In all the bots store there are live indicators that show how the strategies were implemented, and the ratings show which strategies are the most popular. Each purchase, lease, sale, exchange, reward, or fee made in the ecosystem will require the use of GMR. Review of ICO Gimmer. Users who publish their strategies in the bot shop will have their own trading profiles available to other users.

Then, users can view and evaluate the bot strategies based on their effectiveness. All strategies will be approved by the Gimmer team before being displayed in the Bot store to maintain quality and ensure that the store has profitable strategies. All variants of bot strategies can be published in the store.

The store has filters that allow users to find the right strategy. Filters will allow you to display strategies based on a user's risk profile. Users can try out any strategy found in the store for verification before making a decision. February 1, February 28, Q3 Connect to multiple exchange accounts and use Gimmer bots to analyze which exchange will provide the best bet for the sale of the asset.

Q4 Create a bot for monitoring the credit market and offer loans in currency with better return. Q1 A simple application with push notifications to constantly update their performance. Q3 Allow users to copy other actions of all traders, giving them the same potential for profit and loss.

Q4 This bot is aimed at obtaining small and regular profits from transactions with how to setup simply your crypto bots in the gimmer demo dapp automated crypto trading platform lower cost. Q1 AI-bots will have many interesting features, such as hybrid indicators and self-testing strategies, to find the most profitable ones. Q2 Create your own risk profile so that you can select the appropriate strategies and offer them. Q3 Combine the strategies of several trading bots into one portfolio strategy.

You can make the portfolio strategy publicly available or make it available for rent to other users through a bot shop.

Q4 By this time, Gimmer will operate with 8 new exchanges. Q1 This bot is an AI that will create and test different strategies and will recommend - based on your risk profile - the best for you most profitable strategy for trading bots. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

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