Bitcoin Paper Wallets

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A paper wallet -relatively speaking- is one of the how to make a paper wallet bitcoin if done corretly and popular options to secure your bitcoins.

There is a way to transform your digital coins into paper by just using your printer. The following way refers to bitcoins but it is applicable to any digital currency, like litecoin etc.

There are two keys in your bitcoin wallet; the public key, which is your bitcoin address and enables others to send money to you; and the private key which is how you send bitcoins to other people. It is very important to understand that nobody else but you can have access to your private key, as this is the only way money can be withdrawn.

Furthermore, whether you keep your coins in an online wallet or a hard disk software wallet you are exposed to hacker attacks or viruses that can get access to your keys.

It is a physical paper that keeps copies of your keys, both private and public. It sometimes has QR codes printed in order to scan them with your mobile device and have access to your keys to make a transaction.

The advantage here is that your keys are not subject to cyber-attacks or hard drive dysfunctions. However the drawback of a paper wallet is ink and paper, which makes it relatively fragile and disposable, but also there is the risk of losing it. If you are using Blockchian. This page offers how to make a paper wallet bitcoin damage-resistant design for a paper wallet. It also provides an Ubuntu CD with paper wallet software installed.

Knowing the consequences and risks of storing money, you must take serious measures to prevent your wallet being stolen and carefully store it. It provides a two-step authentication for your wallet; your paper wallet which you have in hand and a passphrase of your choice.

Please note that you need to use the same website to decrypt the key. Then, the private key of the wallet will be displayed, so you have the public and private keys of the wallet.

You can either print them or create QR codes and print those. You should make sure that there is no money left in the other addresses that you are deleting, as this will remove all addresses in the software wallet. With all the above tips, you should be ready to become how to make a paper wallet bitcoin owner of a safe paper wallet for your digital currency transactions.

Skip to content Tokens Tags paper wallet trading wallets. What is a paper wallet and why do we need one? A paper wallet can reduce how to make a paper wallet bitcoin those risks. What is a paper wallet? Creating a paper wallet The following ten steps will assist you: A more enlightened paper wallet option is featured on Bitcoinpaperwallet. Security concerns Knowing the consequences and risks of storing money, you must take serious measures to prevent your wallet being stolen and carefully store it.

Advice to keep your paper wallet safe: You can use the Bitcoin-Qt wallet application. First Name Email address:

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First of all - here is the list of things that you might want to prepare before moving to step by step tutorial:. After you are done downloading plug in USB stick 2, open the folder where you have previously downloaded USB Installer and double-click on it. Inside the USB Installer:. After you hit "create" Ubuntu will be installed on your flash drive.

Safe the changes and reboot. Select "Try Ubuntu without installing" and wait until the OS finishes the booting sequence. Now you are in the Ubuntu desktop and after making sure that you are not connected to internet top right corner - there is WiFi indicator you can start to generate the seed. Plug in your USB stick 1 with the webpage copy on it - a window should autmatically pop up. If that is not the case - click on the third icon "Files on the Dock on the left side.

As you can see - the whole thing works even without the internet connection. So now move the cursor around the page to randomly generate your seed.

When you are done a page with two QR codes and some options should appear. Choose "Paper Wallet" and select the amount of copies you want to make. You can also secure your wallet with "BIP38 encryption" by entering a unique passphrase for your wallet this step is not mandatory. After that click on "Print" which in our case is more like "Save" button. After that choose to safe your file onto your USB stick under the name: One issue that I've encountered is that the default size of the wallet in that PDF file is pretty small and thus for some devices it might be problematic to scan the codes on it.

So what I prefer to do is to press PrtSc Print Screen button on my keyboard to make a screenshot of the file, then paste it into Paint program, crop it and save it as a picture again on USB stick - no files shall ever touch the hard drive of your computer!

That's how it's done: I do not recommend to use this wallet for payments, daily usage, etc. Also make sure that you have more of these copies as a back up! If you have more paper copies and a digital copy - your founds are safe and secure!

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial - if you liked it do not forget to upvote, resteem and follow me for more cool tutorials! Give me some feedback in the comment section and tell me - what do you do to store your Bitcoins safely? Well hrhabibur , if I find something forth upvoting on your blog page - I will upvote: Paper bitcoin wallets are one of the safest ways to store your Bitcoin cuz you cannot hack the paper, right? If the wallet is generated offline in the right way. In this tutorial I will show you how to create one in the safest way possible even if your PC is infected with a virus or is monitored by a hacker - nobody will gain access to your paper wallet.

So without the further do - let's get started! First of all - here is the list of things that you might want to prepare before moving to step by step tutorial: In order to create a paper wallet you need to generate random mnemonic seed via a web page called: But we want to do it as safe as possible remember? So instead of generating the seed in your browser just right-click on the webpage and select: A window will pop up - make sure you save the web page as "Webpage, complete".

That will make the webpage accessable even wihout the internet connection. Save or move this webpage to your USB stick 1. Now you have to download: Inside the USB Installer: Ubuntu choose your 2nd USB stick as a medium find a path to your Ubuntu ISO file format the USB drive to make sure that the flash disk is clean and ready for OS installation The final picture before installation execution should look like this: Google is your friend on this one: That's how it looks like on my PC Step 4: Now you should enter the USB boot and the Ubuntu boot options should be displayed: After you boot back to your Desktop environment make sure that all the internet connection is closed.

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