HitBTC Review: Started Strong, But A Risky Crypto Exchange Today

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They cannot withdraw, deposit nor move their SMART coins, instead a message is displayed that the wallet is under maintenance. It has been said that they have hitbtc exchange down issues.

By posting this I want to share my recent findings on HitBTC which left me seriously concerned about the exchange in general. A few days ago I signed up with HitBTC for the first time to check it out because it offers a bunch of coins which are not listed on Cryptopia. I made a deposit, no issues with that.

Then I made two trades and wanted to withdraw my coins from the exchange. Suddenly only error messages came up, I tried it for hours to withdraw. And the point is, that it looks like HitBTC users face such issues not accidentally but hitbtc exchange down. If you take a look at the [HitBTC forum] it speaks for itself. Live overview of HitBTC wallet status I need to add that the coin wallets I had issues with do show up as not affected.

But according to the things I experienced and the hitbtc exchange down of others I conclude that in fact every wallet on HitBTC can be locked. This situation is a perfect example of why centralized exchanges are dangerous. I feel the obligation to especially warn unexperienced users to jump on exchanges like HitBTC.

Even if it seems absurd to you, make sure you submitted a support ticket, save screenshots, document your case somehow. It will eventually help. I would also welcome any comments, questions and further suggestions. I support your opinion, HitBTC looks less and less appealing. It took me days to withdraw.

I wonder why they are being so immature while they are able to earn a lot honestly and flawlessly with decent platform. So, they have to make something changes to lure me back there Meanwhile I suggest everyone to avoid using HitBTC exchange. There are a lot of theories outhere, some of the people says that this is a scam and the coins are gone. But i still hope to get my smartcash sooner or later. Maybe the smartcash team hitbtc exchange down help us out making some pressure on the exchange platform, as a lot of supporter and follower of this project are having really bad times right now.

Yeah i was trading there but seen a bad service there last week,a hitbtc exchange down even delisted there ,we were able to withdraw but HitBTC charged a very high fee to withdraw. Yeah, hitbtc exchange down high withdrawal fees on HitBTC are another crucial point. Not hitbtc exchange down crucial as my initial concern but still. A lot of coin wallets there come with very high withdrawal fees in comparsion to the actual miner fee.

Such high withdrawal fees are not bearable for causual users who can only invest small sums of money. From my point of view they are a clear rip-off. Even now my balance shows 0 smartcasheventhough before few hours I had some of hitbtc exchange down - in the walletbut they now even disappeared. I will never use hitbtc again and wont advise anyone to do so. Since HitBTC also re-enabled SmartCash coin operationsyou now have to choose for yourself if you go with a centralized or a dezentralized exchange.

Is this something systemic with SmartCash? As it appears to be a regular issue and is quite damaging to the brand. Can I suggest that who ever is responsible for on boarding Exchanges that we at least add one P2P hitbtc exchange down Approaching them early as in now makes the process much hitbtc exchange down for us, and is more likely to succeed.

I also would love to open the door to cash for coin opportunities. We has a P2P proposal pass a vote, but I assume that person has dropped the ball on development. Its a shame too, I was hitbtc exchange down forward to it. Perhaps he will surpirse us and come through one of these days. JSilk Thanks for the feedback, I sort of missed the proposal…. Does someone have contacts with related News sites to publish this information?

And, of course, much fluent English. Every time HitBTC suspended withdrawals, they re-enabled it latter. The only hitbtc exchange down is that HitBTC are slow at hitbtc exchange down. As they say in Mexico, no se vale! If you are tempted to use HitBTC please check the current status here first to make hitbtc exchange down you can use their system as expected: However, nice support tickets from users being created shows there is a demand.

This post is not meant to be another complain about this issue. And finally and most importantly, I would suggest to c Sign up SmartCash to the Komodo [BarterDEX], a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency exchange based on atomic-swap technology. This is directed at the SmartCash developersplease see: Not as crucial as my initial concern but still A lot of coin wallets there come with very high withdrawal fees in comparsion to the actual miner fee.

JSilk Thanks for the feedback, I sort of missed the hitbtc exchange down A pity we have no news about it.

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