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Let me just reiterate that for most people, Linux is likely the better choice. The gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty outlined below should be adequate for the average Windows user, but feel free to leave comments if anything is unclear or missing.

You should end up in the BIOS configuration area. Any bit edition of Windows 7 should work fine bit installations should work too, but may require tweaking the settings that I provide.

Windows 8 should work as well, although I have not tested it myself. Complete the installation and boot into the Windows desktop before proceeding to the next step. Repeat the above two steps until there are no more updates to install. Depending on how old your Windows installation media is, this process could take quite awhile.

We want our mining rigs to boot up and start mining without any intervention on our part. By default, Windows will go to sleep after 30 minutes without user interaction. The latest version of the Catalyst drivers Note that these drivers are for Radeon 7xxx series GPUs like the that I recommend in part 1 of this guide.

The easiest option is gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty create 3 dummy plugs, gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty leave them attached to your GPUs.

We want cgminer to automatically start mining whenever the rig is powered on. Windows should automatically execute it upon bootup. Gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty are a couple more steps that may be important to you, though. Proceed at your own risk! MSI Afterburner will auto-start at bootup, and your voltage settings will be applied automatically. Configuring remote administration will allow you to disconnect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse from your mining rig and manage it from another computer—even over the internet, if you wish.

Fortunately there are a host of other options available. Gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty are lightweight, simple, and free.

Here are the basic setup instructions for TightVNC:. The easiest way to do gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty is to power down your miner. Turn it back on and the following should happen:. If all went well, you should see something like this in your cgminer window! The screenshot above shows 3x GPUs getting nearly 1. These cards are slightly overclocked but still undervolted! Under WIN 7 make sure to turn off Aero!! I had a bear of a time with linux so got a Windows Pro 64 bit OS and downloaded that.

All four of my GPUs are s. I have mixed and matched just one attached, just two attached, a series of different pairs attached, three attached, and of course four attached. What am I doing wrong? Do I uninstall, reinstall? How to start troubleshooting? Catalist drivers have been update and even Are you still on I am using If it is of interest to mining, then I assume the miners have to be adapted first.

If anyone can help I will greatly appreciate it and throw in a litecoin or two as well and some doge:. So I gave up gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty linux and ran windows and got it up and running and mining with one gpu.

With two gpus I get errors. The main error is error 4 enqueueing kernel onto command queue. As soon as I plug in the 2nd gpu I get errors. When I ran with one but had —gpu-threads 2 by accident I also got the same error. Lower your thread concurrency. Had same issue with 34k tc. I ran with a lower thread concurrency. Both fans on the gpu started running.

CGminer started then the cgminer screen went black. I waited around 15 minutes and still remained black with a blinking cursor. When I clicked gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty q I got a blue screen. You might not want to close your miner with Q button. Just close the window and there gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty be no blue screen. I have same issue. It used to be around when I was running one. It takes about minutes for pool to calculate your shares and it starts showing your real hashrate based on accepted shares.

Also, you might see less accepted shares on miner bacause of too high share difficulty. Try to mine with 13 intensity. I thound that this is the best for my r9 like i mine more litecoins. Some people are using 34k tc with same card as I do, and my card crashes at that tc. You just have to spend couple of days to get your own configuration for your card.

In my experience, its best to let cgminer figure out the thread concurrecy. Gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty you delete all the. You can set it in your config after that but I dont think it would change unless you got a new version of cgminer or something. Hello everybody, I have a problem: Another Problem is that my keyboard is not working, too. Thanks for your help. I had this same problem with monitor. After that I added riser cable on that video card and tried gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty monitor, after that added second gpu with risers etc.

Unfortunatly, it does not work. We always have 00 and do not know what it means. Another question is what type of monitor do you use? My mobo shows several error messages but its all because im using riser cables. Are you sure that your keyboard isnt plugged in USB 3.

It might now work if you havnt istalled drivers for mobo. I could not install the video accelerator on the That made my cgminer crash. I spent days on this issue. The only thing that helped was installing Anyone have a sample cgminer bat file that shows the text of how you get it to mine a second or 3rd card that is different? How do you use the -d syntax?

Its a term we use in the tech field. Then run cgminer two times. You dont want a BAT file, you want a config file. Use the bat file to call the config file. I guess I should have mentioned that you do not need the devcon lines in the bat file. The 2 cards I have is a x First numbers in each line and a 2nd numbers in each line.

By using a conf and putting a comma gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty number sets you can configure the cards differently to maximize both. I ran two instances. I can only get up to —I 13 on one of the gpus and have to lower the thread-concurrency.

My question is this. Is there anything such as the motherboard, memory, or cpu that can help run multiple gpus. I see some of these rigs and they are running 5 gpus and maxing them out. How do they gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty that? Is it software or hardware. How much system memory do you have? System RAM requirements sometimes pops up as a concern. Using GPU-Z, trim back your thread concurrency until the total amount of VRAM used for 3 identical cards, use the value listed for gv r795wf3 3gd litecoin difficulty of the cards and multiply by three is well within the amount of free system RAM available.

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