Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation Gaiden

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August edited September in Staff Review Blogs. I properly should have started this when I actually began the game, so for vets of OG Gaiden, I just beat up excellence super robot wars neo granzoni Jetzt and am about to infiltrate the Swordian. To anybody with no knowledge of Super Robot Taisen, that doubtless is meaningless.

This blog will not help, and I'd simply tell anyone with endless questions to go check out Original Generation 1 and 2 on the GBA.

Knowing the Jetzt is a foolish attempt to co-opt the Einst will help vets of OG 2, but since the Carnage faction didn't appear in OG 1 or 2, all I can say is that they're another alien group trying to conquer Earth. Not threatening grunts, but time-consuming. For those who played the GBA games, a few things are different. The Twin system that puts two units together and has them act as one can be really useful in select situations, but its greatest utility is in how many enemy Twin units start to appear.

The enemy gets a slight boost to evasion, but you're still getting many more enemies to beat up, and that's a damn handy thing. Another big change from the GBA this stuff applied to Original Generations too, so reading my review of that may make this unnecessary is that getting Battle Mastery grants every character on the field an extra 5 PP. This makes a lot of skills much easier to acquire, and in the case of things like SP Regenerate and Attacker, that's a excellence super robot wars neo granzoni very good thing.

Leona's Guarlion is a Suiguarlion now, and it's a pretty nifty unit, although in that Jetzt fight she didn't dodge when I expected her to, and it can't take a hit, so the result wasn't pretty. Gilliam has an awesome special Gespenst unit of his own, with plenty of unique weapons, including one that actually drains the energy of the enemy though bosses usually have blocks to prevent that.

New to Gaiden in particular is the Dygenguard or Daizengar if you prefer having a sword-less frame. It's got an actual ranged attack in that frame, and is pretty powerful, but can't do the Tornado Blade with the Aussenseiter. Raul and Fiona yeah, she comes back after vanishing in OGs have three Excellence frames they can shift between, good on different terrain types, plus each has a excellence super robot wars neo granzoni frame that is pretty good too.

I didn't use Raul much in OGs, partly because he joins fairly late in the proceedings, but I find him pretty darn good in Gaiden, and Fiona is too. So is Kouta aka Fighter Roarand I'm kinda sad the Cry Wolves seem to never join, since Albero and Hugo were pretty good Folia, well, he seems slightly dead, but that's never stopped a little bit of retconning. Folka I've been forced to use so much that I'm deliberately not letting him kill things, not because he sucks, but because he's already and Ace and other people need those kills more than he does.

It's telling when I have trouble letting someone almost kill things, he keeps getting critical attacks that take the enemy out anyway. Oh poor me, forced to power him up further. Axel Almer and Alfimi have proven to be quite useful, as anybody who remembers those two would know. They haven't permanently joined, but I suspect it'll happen excellence super robot wars neo granzoni. Alfimi has an amazing Guard with a cost of 5 SP, which means she's damn hard to ever bring down, plus Lichkeit still has that HP regen ability.

Another slight change is that Tsugumi who everybody refers to as Karakura Chief now is a sub pilot with Ibis. That helps, since she has some healing abilities. Otherwise she doesn't make a big difference, but two pilots getting the same experience is always nice. I tried excellence super robot wars neo granzoni Mai back in the R-Powered early on, until I noticed that the telekinesis requirement for using the Hyper Twin Launcher has been excellence super robot wars neo granzoni, which means Viletta can pilot it without being handicapped.

Oh poor me, what a horrible problem it is to have so many good units and pilots that I can't use everybody. I know where most of those came from, too.

The mission outside the asteroid Juergen is lurking within, with its endlessly spawning Mirongas. Lune and whoever was twinned with her don't remember right now since Lune got most of the kills just managed to have an awesome killing spree before she finally started running low on energy, and I needed to keep her ready to use a map weapon in order to nab Kusuha, Arado, Seolla, and Latooni since that was the most effective means I excellence super robot wars neo granzoni of getting them without excellence super robot wars neo granzoni them.

What else to say For Gaiden, Tasuku and Carla and Rio get new themes of their own, good ones. Aside from the Carnage faction, you'll be seeing a lot of Duminas' Homunculus constructions, three little kid lookalikes piloting robots that look like they came from an Aztec settlement. Duminas isn't here right now though, and Fernando is back, along with Magnus.

Do I finally get to pound this idiot's face into the ground after he's been annoying me for excellence super robot wars neo granzoni awhile?

I shall find out! That was an excellent fight for killing grunts. Fiona will be an Ace soon, she just joined a few battles ago, then she can stand next to Raul as a powerful sibling duo in those shiny Excellence frames. Kouta's already an Ace but I better get him a couple of kills so Shouko can get SP Regenerate, since that's the best thing to start a sub pilot doing.

These stupid Carnage grunts don't leave as much money as I'd like, but they do go down without much trouble. Fernando naturally had to try taking Folka down, and failed once more. I have to quibble with the animation for Folka's best attack now that Yeldabout is Apotheosized or whatever it was just happened excellence super robot wars neo granzoni him - the original version did the Dragon Ball reference by powering up and blowing the landscape apart before even hitting the enemy, now it's in purple shadow half the time and I can't see what's going on.

Then Magnus did indeed get his comeuppance, the caveman-ish blockhead. Took excellence super robot wars neo granzoni to bring him down that's what happens when a boss has level 9 Prevail, Guard, and a good defense stat to begin with but his attacks were inaccurate and no risk even as Prevail enhanced him. Next battle got lucky: She hit that excellence super robot wars neo granzoni when it counted though, and I took down a dozen grunts before the second turn ended.

Now Altis has arrived, a rousing anthem is playing is there any other kind of music in Super Robot Taisen? Lamia became an Ace in this fight too, which is nice. Altis had the potential to be a real pain in the butt. Double Image is always annoying on bosses because it means I have to cast Strike on everyone, his attacks were powerful and had enormous range, and none of them used any energy so he would never run out of munitions.

His robot was a weird one, some sort of winged centaur. His defense wasn't good though, especially after I beat up Magnus. She's not taking the excellence super robot wars neo granzoni of her boyfriend very well, even excellence super robot wars neo granzoni I didn't deal the final blow. So I get to play with her for the first time, and with her odd cat mechs too. These things shoot what look like gigantic pinballs at me, and they're a pain to actually hit, but their defense isn't as high as most other Carnage grunts, so I'll wipe the floor with them.

They've been foolishly attacking Kyosuke, who has a nice load of Claymore ready for their trouble. I realize this isn't a very inclusive blog so far, and I'll happily answer any questions the uninitiated might have.

Dang, having the energy requirement for the HTB Cannon reduced helps out a lot. Viletta doesn't have Zeal like Mai, but if necessary somebody with Enable can remedy that. Having the range for Cybuster's weapons increased by 1 across the board is helpful too, though reducing the range on Alteisen's supreme Claymore to 1 isn't very nice.

Ah well, guess I can't get everything. Meisis went down with ease. After Altis and Magnus she was nothing special. Then Alkeid had to come along spoiling for a fight, since that fight was obviously too easy with just one boss. Nice of Fernando and Alion to show up on my side, at least - they're pretty helpful in a pinch. He busts out with the Ruha Extim, which kinda looks like a yeti crossbred with an oni and has wings plus a big ornament on the back, and it has one awesome boss theme as accompaniment.

Nice of the game to regenerate all my SP though. Not as much defense, though, and I successfully took your sorry butt down in one turn. I love doing that. Sure he had Double Image, but it took maybe five attacks with supports to do the idiot in.

Now, to the tune of some creepy music that sounds like it came from a horror movie and has a very heartbeat-esque rhythm that it highlights by dropping all the other instruments from time to timeTiss and Laria have popped up to make my life more interesting. I shot both of these punks down a long time ago though, and I'll clear them out again.

Shu, Alfimi, and Axel have all popped up to assist with that task - very nice. Anybody who played the GBA games knows what support attacks are, but for the uninitiated, it's a skill characters either come with or can be assigned. Up to 4 support attacks can be used, the only condition being that the currently attacking character needs to be next to someone with a support attack occasionally it also means that both people need to be at the same altitude, so elevating or grounding people briefly can be done at any time without ending the turn.

Proper use of support attacks is vital to take down the enemy, particularly bosses, since using a support depletes the ammunition or energy of that weapon but doesn't use up an action. So this is why Dark Brain makes people unhappy.

Everyone starts at Will or if that character is an Aceand a whole lot of attacks and abilities don't do anything at excellence super robot wars neo granzoni How do you get more Will? It varies from character to character; some get a little by dodging attacks, some by hitting the enemy, some masochists gain Will by being hit, there are some other variants.

Everyone on the map gains 1 Will when an enemy is killed, however, and the one who actually did the killing gains 4 or 5 Will. Thus grunts serve a vital purpose by allowing everyone to gain lots of Will and be able to unleash their best attacks. Dark Brain appears with exactly six 'grunts. They're not very hard to dodge, but they also have Guard, so chipping them all down takes a very long time unless I want to be drained before facing the actual boss.

Plus, I have heard from an unnamed source that Dark Brain will react to my beating him by turning into a second form. Big big big fight folks, Dark Brain will not be easy. Theoretically I could just try excellence super robot wars neo granzoni blitz him at the start, but those Swordian's Guards must be beaten to elevate my Will levels, plus they'd be attacking me concurrently.

Nope, they have to go down. Duminas sure was, though. Aside from the creepiness of fighting a gigantic eyeball with four arms surrounding it, she was a cinch.

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The franchise is gigantic so I haven't managed to play very many titles. OG1 was my first and it was fantastic. Alpha gaiden was even better with all the crazy crossovers making it a lot more fun than OG from a writing perspective. Currently on my second run through SRW V and while the game is way too damn easy it's still a good time especially since I am a fan of starblazers and they really went the extra mile with the yamato's attack animations. It's like this, see, I like seeing my dick in my girlfriend's pussy, and I like seeing it in her ass, and of course I like seeing it in her mouth too, but that doesn't mean I wanna see her getting dick in each of them at the same time.

I do, but clearly you can't comprehend that analogy. Let me think of something else you might get. I like peanut butter, but I like it with stuff it goes well with. Now ya get me? Wait, are you saying that you wouldn't suck your girlfriend's dick if it had been inside your anus, a peanut butter jar and Tyrone's butthole in a short matter of time? You've killed the joke. You're comments a demusing. That's the opposite of amusing. Lurk more until you aren't shit. I haven't played it myself but it looks like your average 3D fighting game, not horrible, but not great either, but for SRW fans it should be OK.

What do you mean? Best to start with? I'm guessing Alpha 1 or OG1. Superking has all the powers of a king Plus all the powers of superman also he's a robot Aint he cool? Granzon Not Dygenguard, Raioh or the Valcazard.. Eh, I can't really doubt your taste. Fairlion…or any variants of the Lion. I actually just finished Alpha Gaiden, Normal Route. Don't know if I wanna go back for the hard route. I still read it as you don't like a lot of stuff.

That doesn't really make sense and I think just stating your opinion would work much better. Well, sorry for having a taste in mecha, son.

Never liked the Lion series and the Fairlion is no exception. Why not Another Century's Episode? I was wondering if it was the same in-house composer that worked on Denjin Makai 2 at least. That's essentially the same as playing a normal RPG without a cleric, you need those funds to stay competitive. I tend to do that at endgame, as you'll generally have enough ships to provide passive recovery. I just beat all the Masou Kishins but the last on,e and they're solid despite being made in a shack by third graders.

Saints Row is pretty good series. Third one is bad from a story perspective but is a lot better gameplay wise. People forget the slideshow that 2 was when it first released. That said the series has been played to death already. I don't know how I feel about all the magical shit going around in those games. Not to mention the odd battle scene camera angles. Threadly reminder that Harmony Gold cockblocked the planned international release of Alpha 1 when literally everyone else was on board for the free publicity.

I like the anime titties and buuts but it's the quasi-BattleNetwork looking grid that has me interested. Which game is this? I'd believe it, but there should be more evidence on that somewhere. Maybe even leftover work from the project. Either Cobray or Velt will show up with the missing , and they will cram it and the two Exbeins together to create the ExExbein, which the Banpreios will wield, thereby completing the R-Sword project.

And they will borrow the Cross Gate from Formido Heim by sending a team through a portal opened by Compatikaiser. He can do that, no problem. And they can get back with that weird car from X Zone 2, which can also transport the Full Sized Jyaki-gun for a dramatic reveal when they get back.

I honestly wouldn't play it on account of it being a cellphone game but sometimes Japan doesn't know when they are hanging onto a good thing needlessly. Yeah but the bigger issue would be getting the western licenses to the characters, most likely they're spread among multiple companies. Jews ruin it yet again. What the fuck did you expect when you decided to fag it up in an SRW thread when most SRW entries are from the golden age of anime in the 80s where women where actually well drawn attractive godesses and not Korean Jew engineered moeblobs?

Too bad we haven't getting classic or Macross Plus. Am getting sick of Frontier…and please God, don't let Delta in. She's not violent, she's good wife material…everyone else is just a domestic disturbance at 3 in the morning waiting to happen.

I mean, it's not as ubiquitous as it is today. Back then, there's some fucking variety. Now it's either idolshit, moeshit…or light novel shit. Even if it was a good game, why would I play something with always-online DRM that is not preservable? Anyone heard of Battle Moon Wars? It's a doujingame kind of like a SRW-type game but with Nasu-verse characters stuffed in it. And folks wonder why being a Super Robot fan is suffering.

Too bad this games usually never leave the weeb land and we will never get most of them translated. SRW V, which came out earlier this year but you have to import a copy as it's an asian only release.

Also it probably wont work since it most likely requires a FW higher than 3. Pretty sure it is 3. I don't agree with him. Actually boatsluts dev plans to do new Kancolle without only online cancer. Mainly, because he got tired of DMM anti-fanworks bullshit and contract to them for game ends. If Kyosuke suddenly acts like Excellen…or if Kyosuke and Excellen had a kid.

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Tends to drag on a bit. I wanna mecha crossover fighting game. Still kinda mad berserk mode eva is useless, I like the animation for it. Eva and Zoids would have been cool too. Oh, you must be one of those poor people.

I don't talk to your kind. Think Gundam Versus or Virtual On. There was Great Battle but it was also shit. Console Team What do you mean? All the Zs are fucking fantastic. Crowe is like a cowboy Yang Wen-li.

Except the template Lion. There's no helping that piece of shit. Considering that it's supposed to be the OG version of the Leo from Wing.. That's what Luck does? Dag, I've missed a good chunk of opportunities. I didn't deploy the two characters capable of casting it very often.

Or not deploying mechs with the Repair ability Not Resupply though. What's all this gay gook shit anyways? A shame too, since I do like using these Macross things in Z2. Everything I love hates me. Jews ruin it yet again those images God bless America. Well I guess I'll be taking my lolis and leaving, have fun with your shit taste.