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Altcoins may actually be the future of cryptocurrencies rather than Bitcoin for various reasons including transaction speed and fees. As Bitcoin is priced really high, entry is hard for those new to cryptocurrencies, and altcoins are much cheaper alternatives. To add to that, they are pretty advanced technologically and some even boast a 3 second transaction speed Steem.

There are plenty of high potential altcoins out there and no doubt many are just pump and dump. Look for those with great fundamentals and not just because they are cheap. Here are some of the best altcoins that you can look at in my ethereum price potential 2018. This is merely my opinion and is not to be taken as an investment or financial ethereum price potential 2018.

Always invest what you can afford to lose and do your own research. As always, my favorite altcoin that I recommend day and night is Steem. Steem is the currency that is used on Steemit, a social media cum blogging platform that rewards content creators.

I guess the crypto world can never be ethereum price potential 2018. You basically earn Steem and Steem Dollars on the platform. Steem can be powered up to Steem Power, which basically influences how big your vote is and how much your vote is worth.

As more content creators join this platform, more investors will want to come in and gain more influence on the platform. Most people on Facebook or other social media platforms earn nothing from posting. Steemit on the other hand rewards you for it. Besides that, Steemit is also introducing Smart Media Tokens next year.

This means anyone can create their tokens and do crowdfunding or raise funds in some way. It will also help existing businesses to further monetize their websites. Ark brands themselves as the platform for consumer adoption.

What stands out for Ark is basically their attempt to bring the SmartBridge technology to life. Think of it as a technology that links blockchains together, i. Ethereum with Steem with BitShares and so on. Ark is also ethereum price potential 2018 pretty fast coin around 8 second transaction speed. It allows you to stake as well.

Ethereum price potential 2018 means you generate more coins from what you have. It ethereum price potential 2018 has an ArkShield program that provides additional protection to Ark.

Ark also has plans for optional privacy that may compete with Monero, and a storage function which will compete with other coins like Siacoin and Storj. It has come a long way in its price as well. IOTA also uses a public ledger called Tangle so the function ethereum price potential 2018 quite similar in a way. To create an IOTA wallet, you need to first generate a seed password of characters long. IOTA has also zero fees, no miners and has an unlimited transaction rate which means scalability is not an issue here.

Furthermore, their recent partnership with Microsoft has caused the price to shoot up and I believe it can go higher. Apparently they have a bigger announcement up their sleeves. Prior to this, they have already partnered with big brands like Bosch. Who knows how high they can go? Looking at their official website ethereum price potential 2018 other blogs, Stratis seems to be a blockchain-based platform which makes it easy for development, testing and deployment of C applications on the NET framework.

In other words, they provide a service to corporations and institutions to implement blockchain technology. As far as real use cases are concerned, Stratis may impact many sectors including fintech, research, internet of things and so on.

It has risen so much in a few years, when it used to be only a few cents. Ethereum is amazing because it introduced their own Ethereum network, in which other people can create tokens based on it. It also introduced smart contracts which may well be used for businesses in the future. Bitcoin can be said to be a very simple smart contract as well. Ethereum price potential 2018 is a higher level where it allows you to set conditions ethereum price potential 2018 when the tokens are to be released and so on.

Do note the number of ethereum price potential 2018 in circulation and the maximum supply when you consider prices in the market. Litecoin was created by Charlie Lee not long after Bitcoin came into existence. If it can be adopted into day-to-day transactions, then the potential is there. Then again, most of the altcoins are aiming towards the same goal. So far, cross-chain atomic swaps have ethereum price potential 2018 been done between Litecoin and Bitcoin. Cardano allows for the execution of smart contracts like Ethereum, and their token ADA is the crypto part of it.

Cardano also aims ethereum price potential 2018 release a debit card which allows users to load funds and then use it anywhere, like you do with a regular debit card.

Cardano also came up with Ouroboros, which is basically their proof-of-stake mining algorithm. Steem uses a proof-of-stake system as well, i. Apparently ADA has no fees as well, giving ethereum price potential 2018 tokens a run for their money. It does have a high potential if it can surpass Ethereum and similar tokens. Contrary to popular opinion, Bitcoin is not really anonymous.

If you want an anonymous coin, try Monero. It has a few methods to ensure that the coin is truly anonymous. First of all, it uses stealth addresses. However, Monero only displays a cryptographic hash of the destination address to the public. This means only the recipient and the sender can decipher the hash.

Secondly, it uses separate transaction units. If you send tokens, it will be split into different sums like 30, 40 and 30 tokens XMR. Furthermore, it uses ring signatures to mix up the transactions and make it even more anonymous. Surely, the black market would love a coin like this.

Verge was designed to help people carry out everyday transactions. It used to be called DogeCoinDark somewhere in but has been rebranded to Verge later in Like Monero, Verge is supposed to be anonymous as well and it obscures IP addresses of users. Furthermore, it is decentralized like most of the other coins. Verge claims to be ready for mass adoption as well with their secure and private wallets. It is considered to be very fast in carrying out transactions as well and the technology is called the Simple Payment Verification technology where the transactions are about 5 seconds.

OmiseGo or also known as OMG was started by ethereum price potential 2018 Thai group and it has risen a lot in value the past few months. Their goal is to make it cheaper to make transactions send and receive payments and it may disrupt the financial institutions by being more efficient.

OMG has a partnership with McDonalds Thailand, which means they have at least done something outside the crypto world. Many tokens on crypto are just predictions and attempts to create something. The ethereum price potential 2018 ones are those who have a live product and are currently using it in the real world. This is probably why OMG rose a lot in value over the couple months. They also plan to do financial ethereum price potential 2018 like remittances, deposits, business to business commerce, supply chain finance, loyalty programs and other services.

They also plan to allow users to convert fiat to crypto easily. Siacoin is basically dubbed as a decentralized storage coin that will compete with cloud storages like Amazon, Dropbox and other similar businesses. How it works is that you need a certain number of Siacoin to use the service and you can also rent out storage space to others for a certain fee. As the coins are limited, perhaps the value may still go up. You do have to check out its competitors as well.

Storj and MaidSafeCoin is also offering the same service and some coins like Ark and EOS are planning to create a storage feature as well. Furthermore, the reviews are pretty good for the ethereum price potential 2018 as they seem to be quick and efficient so far.

Whether it will hold that I do not know. It works hand in hand with the Brave browser. It aims to be a decentralized digital advertisement exchange that runs on the Ethereum blockchain.

It ethereum price potential 2018 the traditional ads you see, and many of ethereum price potential 2018 ad networks have succumbed to click frauds and made losses. This will help both advertisers and publishers in terms of generating ethereum price potential 2018 for their websites. If the House wins, you win as well. Transparency is easily one of the main issues with online gambling or basically anything that is done online.

You can use your tokens to buy Decent. Funfair is also an online gaming casino platform. It has risen in price like the other tokens in the market. There are about 3 billion of these tokens in circulation and the total supply is supposed to be 17 billion FUNs.

They have a live demo where you can even play their different games now. Hence, the element of transparency is there. Einsteinium has a fancy name and not surprisingly is related to science.

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