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Ether is a necessary element — a fuel — for operating the distributed application platform Ethereum. It is a form of payment ethereum mining faqc by the clients of the platform to the machines executing ethereum mining faqc requested operations.

To put it another way, ether is the incentive ensuring that developers write quality applications wasteful code costs moreand that the network remains healthy people are compensated for their contributed resources. If you just want to test the technology, you probably don't need real ether.

Download the latest Wallet app and switch to the Test Network. The total supply of ether and its rate of issuance was decided by the donations gathered on the presale. The results were roughly:. Note that after the Byzantium update is implemented, the mining and uncle reward is reduced to 3 ethers and 0.

Ethereum mining faqc means that while the absolute issuance is fixed, the relative inflation is decreased every year. In theory, if this issuance was kept indefinitely then at some point the rate of new tokens created every year would reach the average amount lost yearly ethereum mining faqc misuse, accidental key lost, the death of holders etc and there would reach an equilibrium.

But the rate is not expected to be kept: The exact method of issuance and ethereum mining faqc function it will serve is an area of active research, but what can be guaranteed now is that 1 the current maximum is considered a ceiling and the new issuance under casper will not exceed it and is expected to be much less and 2 whatever method is ultimately picked to issue, it will be a decentralized smart contract that will not give preferential treatment to any particular group of people and whose purpose is to benefit the overall health and security of the network.

Developers who intend to build apps that will use the ethereum blockchain. Users who want to access and interact with smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum Wallet includes an easy presale import. Download it and it will offer that option automatically. This will prompt for your password and imports your ether presale account.

It can be used non-interactively with the --password option taking a password file as argument containing the wallet password in cleartext. If this does not work, please do not hesitate in contacting us on our forumsreddit or at info at ethereum.

If you don't feel comfortable securing your ether right now but just want to check that your presale wallet is included in the blockchain, then use our online balance checker. The Ethereum network is kept running by computers all over the world. In order to reward the computational costs of both processing the contracts and securing the network, there is a reward that is given to the computer that was able to create the latest block on the chain. Every 15 seconds, on average, a new block is added to the blockchain with the latest transactions processed by the network and the computer that generated this block will be awarded 3 ether.

Due to the nature of the algorithm for block generation, this process generating a proof of work is guaranteed to be random and rewards are given in proportion to the computational power of each machine. If you are on a private network and if you just want to test the technology for free, you should then any normal computer with a normal CPU will be able to run the network and earn test ethereum mining faqc ether that is only redeemable on the test ethereum mining faqc where it was generated through mining.

This is the best choice for small-scale network or testing privately, as it's ethereum mining faqc resource intensive. On the real or live test network a normal desktop or laptop computer might take a very long time to successfully mine a block and receive ether.

Before you do any mining, you need to set which address will receive your earnings called "etherbase". You only need to do this once. Here's how to set your etherbase and then start mining:. Its goal is to protect miners like yourself so that you will only ever need your home computer to remain competitive.

The DAG should take about 10 minutes to generate and as ethereum mining faqc as it finishes, Geth will start mining automatically. If you are serious about ethereum mining faqc on the live ethereum network and getting real ether rewards, then you should use a dedicated computer with very powerful graphics cards in order to run the network. If you are using Ethereum mining faqc then GPU mining comes out of the box. There are currently two options for GPU mining in Geth available.

You can read a more detailed description of how to install it on this mining post. This is a version for the pro miners. Go experimental GPU branch. It's experimental so you need to build go from source to get it. This version is focused on hobbyists and developers. To install it, clone geth from source and then switch to the GPU Miner branch.

You can read all about the theory behind this and its design in the Ethereum gitBook, mining chapter. Note that for Serenity a future release, ethereum mining faqc major milestone on the Ethereum development roadmap we are planning to switch to Proof of Stake PoS. Mining prowess roughly scales proportionally to memory bandwidth. Empirical evidence has already confirmed this, with R9 x regularly topping benchmarks.

Don't expect to see them on the market, and if you do, proceed with extreme caution. Ethereum would never be possible without bitcoin—both the technology and the currency—and we see ethereum mining faqc not as a competing currency but as complementary within the digital ecosystem. Ether is to be treated ethereum mining faqc "crypto-fuel", a token whose purpose is to pay for computation, and is not intended to be used as or considered a currency, asset, share or anything else.

If so desired one could trade bitcoins for ether with the purpose of executing contracts and trade it back immediately in order to keep their value pegged and secured by the bitcoin network. The latest version of the wallet includes an automatic conversion between ether and bitcoin. Use a pegged derivative: Ethereum is a great tool for creating complex trading between multiple parties.

If you have a source for the price of Bitcoin that all parties trust, then it's possible to create an ethereum based currency whose value is pegged to the market value of Bitcoin. This means that you could trade bitcoins to a token that is guaranteed to always trade back to the same amount of bitcoins while ethereum mining faqc being fully compatible with other ethereum contracts.

Use a Bitcoin relay to convert a 2-way peg: This means that you can use Bitcoin's native limited scripting capability to lock a bitcoin into a contract ethereum mining faqc is directly connected to an ethereum contract, which ethereum mining faqc then issue an ethereum based token that is guaranteed to be backed by bitcoin.

The relay is under development and as implementations are tested and proved to be secure, we will list them here. Ethereum addresses don't have built-in checks on them yet. That means that if you mistype an address, your ether will be lost forever, without a secondary confirmation window. If you are moving a significant amount, start with smaller quantities that you can afford to lose, until you feel comfortable enough.

There are two types of accounts in Ethereum: In this section, we focus on the former. The remainder of this guide will be dedicated to the latter. Similarly, your transactions are also of two types: Before you execute your first ether transfer you need a friend to send your ether to.

Assuming you created a second account to send the ether to:. The first two lines set local variables with account numbers for easier access later. Change the sender and recipient addresses to whatever you like. The third line converts the chosen amount to the network's base unit wei.

Although there are many names for ether denominations, we will use only two: Wei is the atomic unit ethereum mining faqc ether, and is the one used on the system level. Most day-to-day ethereum mining faqc will be done with ether, which ethereum mining faqc equivalent to one quintillion wei, or a 1 followed by 18 zeros.

Waiting a few seconds, the ethereum mining faqc should be complete. To check the balance of an account, simply type:. If you are using Geth ethereum mining faqc you ethereum mining faqc just use eth instead of web3.

Anytime you create a transaction in Ethereum, the string that is returned is the Transaction Hash. You can use those to keep track of a transaction in progress, or the amount of gas spent in a past transaction using eth. Here's how to use it:. We've built easy ethereum mining faqc use graphical toolsbut if you are a developer you probably want to install the command line tools.

Ether The crypto-fuel ethereum mining faqc the Ethereum network. Did you buy ether during the presale? Check your ether presale ethereum mining faqc safely here: FAQ How are ethers created? The results were roughly: Is the ether supply infinite? I bought ether during the presale. How do I access it?

Then, if you ethereum mining faqc using Geth execute this: Read more about accounts. How do I mine ether? This process is usually called mining in the crypto-currency lingo. CPU MINING Using the command line If you are on a private network and if you just want to test the technology for free, you should ethereum mining faqc any normal computer with a normal CPU will be able to run the network and earn test ether ether that is only redeemable on the test network where it was generated through mining.

Here's how to set ethereum mining faqc etherbase and then start mining: If you have successfully mined a block you will see a message like this among the logs: What's the relationship between bitcoin and ether?

There are many ways in which you can use Bitcoins within the Ethereum ecosystem: How do I send ether using the command line? Assuming you created a second account to send the ether to: After having set the variables above, send the transaction with:

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So how much money can I expect to make from mining, exactly? This is the question that most people are interested in. The answer is fairly complicated, and changes daily. The volatility in digital currency value is extreme—the price today could be very different than the price tomorrow. On top of that, the difficulty involved with mining a coin is also changing constantly. You can answer the question for right now by using a calculator such as this one.

The calculator takes into account the current mining difficulty automatically. If the price of ether rises faster than the mining difficulty increases, then that profit figure will increase. Buying the digital currency directly enables you to get your hands on a bunch of it quickly, without having to wait for a mining rig to produce it for you. You can sell it at a small loss, or re-purpose it maybe try your luck at mining one of the other digital currencies, for example.

Using a free sound meter app on my phone, I measured the sound level of my test rig at 47 decibels with the phone held about inches away from the middle of the GPUs. From roughly 6 feet away, the sound level dropped to about 37 decibels, which I find to be completely acceptable.

The heat that a rig produces may be more of an issue, depending on where you live. Most small consumer space heaters put out watts of heat.

An undervolted 6-GPU rig will give off roughly half that, which is still a significant amount. How do I convince my significant other that building a rig is a good idea?

She hated the noise modern GPUs are much quieter , but she did make a tenfold return on her investment. Now use the head of your screwdriver to temporarily short the two pins on the motherboard that the power switch would be connected to if you had a power switch. Just touch the head of the screwdriver so that it makes contact with both pins for a brief moment.

The first thing you should do at this point is enter the BIOS and change the power options to set your computer to automatically power on whenever power is restored. That way, you can use the switch on your power supply to turn it on and off going forward. In Linux, I believe that all of the RX 4xx and RX 5xx cards share the same driver, so they should all coexist together without problems.

A lot of other guides recommend more. And is it worth paying so much for a high efficiency unit? The reason that I recommend a watt PSU is due to efficiency variance at different load levels.

The difference between the first and last example is watts at the wall. The CPU, memory, and disk will mostly be unused while your rig is mining, but anything GUI-related will be pretty unresponsive.

You should be able to run things like file servers and low-traffic web servers just fine without impacting mining performance. How much of my internet bandwidth will my mining rig use? To stop your system from performing automatic updates in the future, you can use one of the methods described here. Most people close to Ethereum seem to feel that the second half of is a realistic target for the switch, which still leaves plenty of mining time.

I have an old video card with 2GB of memory laying around. Can I use it to mine ETH? Just when I was about to reach 1 ETH at my mining pool, my balance went to zero!

Did I get hacked? Most mining pools including ethermine. You can easily check the balance of your wallet address with a web-based blockchain explorer, such as this one. How do I keep my ETH wallet safe? Backup your wallet to multiple secure, offline devices a few small USB sticks are great for this.

Just copy the entire keystore directory someplace safe. So make sure that you can remember your password s as well! Keep at least one copy off-site eg: Mist is essentially a GUI front-end for geth that hides all of the tedious command-line stuff from the user. Until this finishes, the balance of all of your wallets will likely show up as zero.

Once the sync is complete, all of your balances should show up properly. I see that Claymore supports dual mining—what is that, and should I use it? I wrote a dedicated blog post on this subject; you can read it here. Gox at some point in the future because of this.

For now, I tend to recommend Coinbase. Keep your funds in wallet addresses that you control, and move them to exchanges only when you want to trade. Can I buy you a beer? Your mining guide has been a huge help! You can verify your balance by using an online blockchain explorer, like this one. I wanted to ask you, can you point out some decent sites you are following for trends, forecasts, etc..

Thank you in advance. Not sure where this comment belongs, but caused enough frustration wanted to share an obscure solution. After upgrading from 9. Failed to set new fan speed, check if miner has root access! Obviously wanted to avoid cooking the GPUs, so fell back to 9.

The correct command is: That pool at ethermine. I have followed your guild and have 10 rigs up and running. I am worried about the hard fork happening tomorrow. Says everywhere to update geth to the newest version bit the only thing we used geth for in your guild was to make a wallet. And I only did that on the first rig. Your help is appriciated. I also replied to your email, but just in case anyone else is wondering — there is no need to take any action for the upcoming Byzantium update from a mining standpoint.

Your miners will continue running, and your pool will continue payouts most of the large pools including ethermine and nanopool have already confirmed support for the fork.

If using Mist as your wallet is your recommendation to run it on a different computer than the mining rig? Do you have a post about solo mining for those of us who have a few more rigs? Tried solo mining for a bit. Invoke geth with -rpc option. Default access is at localhost: Then aim Claymore at geth per its solo mining option: Of course, all of this should be well secured behind firewalls etc.

So your probability of finding the next block is about one in a million. Could be shorter, or as more network hashrate capacity is added could be longer. Meanwhile the electricity bills keep coming. I need a solution to manage all of them in one place. There are few solutions I found at https: I have found your post on creating a miner running on linux very useful. This is because of the complications I have to face when running more than 8 AMD cards on windows.

Anyway, I was wondering if you can perhaps give a tutorial on how to create a static IP address on my miner rig so I can access it outside my home network please? A full-blown tutorial on public network access is beyond the scope of this mining tutorial, I expect. But a few pointers:. You can do this by configuring an IP address within Linux. Or you can configure the router to always assign the same IP address via DHCP poke around in the router configuration until you find a table that maps from Ethernet addresses to IP addresses.

This is probably a private IP address e. A variety of dynamic IP address systems allow this by running a client in your network on the rig or home router that checks in periodically, which shows its current public IP address for registration.

Allow external access from the router to the rig itself. One way to do this would be to redirect the appropriate TCP ports for the access your require 22 for ssh login, for Claymore monitoring. Tuning your local rig will be the main determinant of performance. Dear Zelda, thanks for your reply. If I go to windows and load the normal non-blockchain drivers I get these Hashrates.

Yeah I can already hit the higher hash rate using Windows but I would prefer to use Xubuntu. I just had this problem myself — it seems a security update came through which bypassed my previous attempts at blocking a system update.

I was actually thinking of simply doing a fresh install and trying to do it without doing the system update. I wonder if that would fix it. I have a question to unix people.