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A Harvard University student is in hot water for using the Ivy League school's dogecoin ukc supercomputer to mine Dogecoins. Odyssey began its life as an Intel Xeon—based supercomputing system, and was at one point ranked among the Top supercomputers list. The system dogecoin ukc since been expanded to some 14, cores and is managed by Harvard's Research Computing office as a high-performance Linux cluster for researchers.

According to a copy of an internal email posted to Reddit shortly after the incident was discovered, the unusual activity was discovered by a researcher, and was reported to administrators who soon uncovered the Dogecoin mining operation. A reference to the Doge meme, the currency bills itself as the favored cryptocurrency of Shiba Inus worldwide. That someone would seek to employ a supercomputer cluster in a mining operation is hardly a surprise, given the current market for Bitcoin and the various altcoin formats.

With the growth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, demand has grown for increased compute power to be devoted to mining systems. As the practice has grown in popularity, mining rigs have grown from desktop systems to specialized devices that pack high-performance CPU and GPU hardware in hopes of generating money from the complex hashing operations associated with the mining of coins.

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Give us notch support or … you don't wanna know Fork it! Equifax reveals full horror of that monstrous cyber-heist of its servers Android P to improve users' network privacy Hacking charge dropped against Dogecoin ukc Scotia teen who slurped public records from the web That Drupal bug you were told to patch weeks ago? Cryptominers hope dogecoin ukc haven't dogecoin ukc. Microsoft wants serious, non-gaming developers to make more money Master Amazon Web Services: Get dogecoin ukc top of reliability with our best practices dogecoin ukc El Reg's Dogecoin ukc Computing London call for papers shuts tonight Now that Kubernetes has won, DigitalOcean takes a late dip in K8s.

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Now for some security headaches Silicon can now reconfigure itself with just a jolt of electricity. Verity Stob New Monty Python movie to turn old jokes into new royalties Mystery crapper comes a cropper The steaks have never been higher: Swiss Lidl is selling local cannabis Texas residents start naming adopted drains.

Harvard student thrown off 14,core super Most read Equifax reveals full horror of its data breach Zombie Cambridge Analytica told 'death' can't save it from the law Heir to SMS finally excites carriers, by making Google grovel Admin needed server fast, skipped factory config … then bricked it Password re-use dogecoin ukc dangerous, right?

So what about stopping it with password-sharing? More from The Register. Google bans ads for unregulated currencies Bitcoin prices plummet.

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery Of course this does nothing for victims' encrypted files. Dogecoin ukc reaches peak Bitcoin as bin firm accepts cryptocurrency 'It's not a publicity stunt,' says BusinessWaste.

Vietnam bans Bitcoin as payment for anything What is dogecoin ukc with mostly single party states and crimps on cryptocurrency? Junk food meets junk money: Bitcoin Foundation wants US Department of Justice dogecoin ukc Bitcoin isn't money, so money laundering laws shouldn't apply. To understand how Windows approaches managing permissions, this paper will provide some background on how permissions or privileges work.

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And its founder thinks that's a bad sign for the cryptocurrency market in general. Jackson Palmer, currently a product manager at Adobe, created dogecoin — a fairly simple Bitcoin clone — back in Back before bitcoin become a global phenomenon, dogecoin quickly garnered a strong following, primarily focused on memes including dogecoin's mascot, a Shiba Inu dog, and jokes about reaching "the moon," which in crypto lingo means becoming rich.

Even Dogecoin is rallying in this cryptocurrency boom. Having a four-year-long history in the world of crypto is a big deal, and as Dogecoin's following got stronger, its price steadily increased. That has set off some alarm bells among people in the cryptocurrency community, including Palmer. But here's the deal: Dogecoin does not offer many significant technological advantages over Bitcoin.

And it's not something that's seen any improvement, having not received a significant update in years. And Palmer, who sold most of his Dogecoin by and is not actively involved in the project anymore, thinks this type of price growth is indicative of a bubble. It's not just about Dogecoin, though. After an article in crypto-oriented media outlet Coindesk focused on Palmer's comments on Dogecoin, he posted an expanded statement on Twitter.

As a result, we're seeing even highly centralized assets such as Ripple achieve extremely high valuations, despite their lack of technological innovation and misalignment with the original vision of Bitcoin," he wrote. In general, the current market is a "bubble," claims Palmer, though he doesn't dare predict when it will burst. Need to differentiate between getting hundreds of billions of dollars of digital paper wealth sloshing around and actually achieving something meaningful for society.

Palmer is not the only one who's worried that enormous valuations of cryptocoins and greed have eclipsed the technological innovations that the cryptocurrency space offers. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin recently tweeted that "billions of dollars of digital paper wealth sloshing around" isn't quite the same as "achieving something meaningful for society. We're using cookies to improve your experience.

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