How to pronounce dogecoin

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As someone who writes about cryptocurrencies on a regular basis, I tend to get the same questions from friends and family members over and over again. The most common one I get is,? Do you own any bitcoins? How do you pronounce the word? Answering the first two questions relatively easy. But the third one is a little tricky. Additionally, since most conversation about Dogecoin takes place on text-based Internet forums, even people who send and receive Dogecoin pronunciation guide on a daily dogecoin pronunciation guide could theoretically go dog years without actually saying the word out loud to another Dogeficionado.

Or is there hard? Some cursory research shows that the first option, the one using the soft? Dogecoin is based off the Doge meme, which features a skeptical looking Shiba Inu surrounded by captions depicting its grammatically challenged inner monologue rendered in multicolored Comic Sans.

According to Know Your Memethe first appearance of? In the video, the character Homestar Runner tells the character Strong Bad,? Strong Bad, you crack me up. The meme was eventually picked up on Tumblr and 4chanwhere it gained enough notoriety for creators Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer to chose it as the theme for a cryptocurrency they created with the intention of having it be more approachable than Bitcoin.

Based on its lineage, keeping the same pronunciation would make sense. But what about people who are really, really into Dogecoin? How do they say the word? There is no correct way, and anyone who tells you that you are pronouncing dogecoin pronunciation guide wrong is lying! For their part, Palmer and Markus told the International Business Times that neither of them have adhered to a standard dogecoin pronunciation guide.

Markus added that he originally pronounced it with a hard? The moral here is that attempting to enforce a single, universal pronunciation of Dogecoin is largely antithetical to the entire spirit of the project. Aaron Sankin is a former Senior Staff Writer at the Daily Dot who covered the intersection of dogecoin pronunciation guide, technology, golden retrievers who know how to dunk, organizations adapting to our increasingly connected world, online privacy, the role of dank memes in popular culture, Twitter bots, and that same golden retriever who as it turns out is also pretty good at lacrosse.

He lives in Seattle, Washington and became a reporter at the Center for Investigative Reporting in Latest Chrome update may have dogecoin pronunciation guide millions of web-based games Phillip Tracy — May 7. What are you talking about? Aaron Sankin Aaron Sankin is a former Senior Staff Writer at the Daily Dot who covered the intersection of politics, technology, golden retrievers who know how to dunk, organizations adapting to our increasingly connected world, online dogecoin pronunciation guide, the role of dank memes in popular culture, Twitter bots, and that same golden retriever who as it turns out is also pretty good at lacrosse.

Cryptocurrency Doge Dogecoin Pronunciation. Up next after the break: How much Dogecoin would dogecoin pronunciation guide take to actually go to the moon? Recommendations Donald Trump Apple vs.

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Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency , which the Guardian describes as "a combination of Bitcoin , the popular digital money, and Doge, the internet meme that superimposes broken English written in Comic Sans onto pictures of Shiba Inu dogs. You can use it to purchase goods and services check out "buy stuff" or to tip others check out "tipping". We've been following cryptocurrencies for a while but Doge is the one that made us jump in because of the community and accessibility.

To use Dogecoin, you need a wallet. A wallet is essentially an address you use to receive Doge. Whenever you acquire a new wallet, a private and public key is generated and given to you. The public key can be freely shared and is what people use to send Doge to each other.

This public key is stored with the amount in the currency's transaction history, known as the block chain. By looking at the block chain, you can determine how much Doge an account has by adding up how much was sent and received to that account.

However, the private key should be kept secret as whoever knows the private key claims ownership of all its associated funds in fact, by default the local wallet hides the private key from you so you don't accidently reveal it.

Whenever you back up a wallet, you actually aren't saving how many coins you have, but the private key. This way, you can't spend coins then restore from a backup to regain them. Instead, the private key is used to just claim ownership of all funds associated with its public key pair in the block chain. The blockchain is a permanent record of all transactions that is updated every minute with a 'block' of new transactions.

Whenever you send Doge, it is added into the latest block and verified before being premanently written in. Each block of new transactions builds on the prior block, thus we have a chain going back to the very beginning. This implementation prevents double spending since each transaction can be traced back.

The act of confirming the new block is performed by the distributed computing power of miners, so when you mine you are confirming the latest transactions are valid. As a reward for doing this work, a block confirmation will give the miners Doge. Because blocks are confirmed at set intervals but the computing power of the miners varies, the computing power is kept in check via the confirmation difficulty.

If there are more people mining, the difficulty is increased and vice versa. The community is very fun and positive.

Not very Wall Street. Anyone is welcome, even new shibes Shiba Inus like you. There are also many community efforts , such as the recent 30k USD worth of Doge donation to the Jamaican Olympic bobsled team. To meet fellow shibes, check out reddit. Everyone is very generous and tipping is a core part of the culture. It is easy to acquire Doge via tips, faucets, mining, and converting other currencies via exchanges. The most popular way, mining, just requires free software and normal computers, so it is still possible for average shibes like you and me!

While 1 Bitcoin is worth hundreds of USD, it is extremely unprofitable to mine without specialized hardware specifically for mining Bitcoin. In contrast, there isn't any hardware designed specifically to mine Doge to compete against! Payouts for cryptocurrencies are also reduced over time as part of their design, so it is hard to mine a currency that has been out for years.

Doge was released in December so it is still young. ASIC, which stands for application specific integrated circuit, is hardware designed for one specific task. This allows them to operate much more efficiently compared to general purpose designs, which must accomodate a broader range of capabilities.

Doge and other scrypt based coins is designed to delay the development of ASIC hardware as the scrypt algorithm requires a lot of memory.

Memory hardware happens to be expensive, increasing the cost of current ASIC designs. ASICs for scrypt mining actually already exists but have not shown a cost advantage compared to consumer graphic cards.

Thus, for now mining is accessible to the average person. Toggle navigation dogecoin tutorial. Get Dogecoin today we use screenshots to walk you through each step. First, setup a wallet. To receive and own Doge you need a wallet.

Once you have a wallet, get Doge by mining or buying it. We cover the most common mining setup and the most used exchanges. Finally, use your Doge. Reward others via tipping or spend Doge on goods or services.

Last updated on Feb 20, There is much debate on how to pronounce doge. The most popular takes are: You can hear him say it at the start of this video and he discusses it at the 3 minute mark of this interview. ASICs - what are they and why don't they exist for Doge?