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Goldman Sachs just made its first crypto hire to explore a potential bitcoin trading desk — Business Insider. Why is bitcoin important? I sure would like to see the Cash app with recurring buys. That was the best thing about Coinbase which I shut down after their Bcash Caper.

If anyone is interested in mining BTC 1. So this extension helps multiple people mine: If anyone needs info just ask, i'll explain how to make most of this extension, all you need is effort! Get ya an ETH wallet too. Options are good brotha! You've been an icon in Bitcoin for a long time. I wish I got into bitcoin that long ago. I didn't get in till after the big run-up in and kept buying all through the crash of If I had gotten some of those dollar bitcoins, or if I hadn't panic sold half my bitcoins due to Vinny Lingham's fud back in march ofI'd be retired by now.

As it is I can keep turning wrenches for another year and keep socking away btc. Eventually what I need to retire will equal what I have. Then I'll wave goodbye to my fellow mechanics and start my new life.

Thanks to educate lot of newcomer, and makes than HOLDer. Best new Bitcoin Faucet I have found http: The difference between Snail Mail and Central Banks, is that Snail Mail was actually useful at some point in the past. There's something about your optimism that always makes my day better. Thank you so much for the last year that i've been watching your videos. Sometimes I go back and watch your original Mad BItcoin account.

You always knew the genius of the Bitcoin since day 1. I still recall the first video you did. Been behind you all these years. I hope we will meet up again, as the millionaires we became! We watched and weathered it all, these past 7 years, and our future is far more golden than the sun.

FYI, the man burns in days.

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Bitcoin Cash has surged more than 80 percent in the last week. The growth comes as the digital currency plans a hard fork on May Bitcoin cash is not the only cryptocurrency booming. Other coins including ether, litecoin and XRP have all seen gains as well. Coinbase has suspended the bitcoin account of Wikileaks. Wikileaks has long sold t-shirt and posters on its site, allowing users to pay with bitcoin through Coinbase.

The cryptocurrency firm said that Wikileaks was "in violation" of its terms of service, but did not specify how. The identity of the traders remains unknown but the deal has gotten plenty of attention on Reddit. Online commenters were impressed by two facts: Online travel booking agency CheapAir. CheapAir, which has accepted bitcoin as payment since , said it will move to Bitpay. How Georgia — the country, not the state — became a bitcoin behemoth.

Robinhood comes to Colorado. Celebrating the Bitcoin Cash bump. From the Forums Celebrating the Bitcoin Cash bump. Share via Tell a friend. Inside Facebook Facebook's mission is to connect the world's people.

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