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When using this website, you accept cookie usage to improve user experience. Your offer has been partially treated. Some skins of your deposit were missing during the process of the request. Only present ones were transferred on the site and your account credited accordingly. Some skins of your withdraw were missing during the process of the request.

Only present ones were transferred to your steam inventory and your account debited accordingly. Toggle navigation Menu Profile. You won't have any control during the bot icon csgo market. Everything will be preset thanks to your Player's level and your strategies. How to play with skins? You will have to make a deposit first, then you will be able to play a match and win your oppenent skins: What can I do on this website? First, you will have to create a Team. Just give it a name, a picture and a nationality and your players will be generated.

Now, you will be able to train either the Team or the Players. You can get more information about training in the dedicated tab. If you decide it to, you can directly play a match, or maybe you'll decide to set your players' buy preferences? You have to know that we gave you some basic strategies, but creating new ones will allow you to increase your winrate!

Is there something else I can do? Of course, don't forget to take part of League events! Matchs will be planned every days. We advise you to check your futur opponent last strategies, so that you can anti-strat him. To do so will allow you to win against him. How to make deposit? To make a deposit, you need to connect with your Steam Account. Then you will be able to click on your account's sold to open the deposit popup, but first you need to inform your Steam Trade URL.

The last step is too choose the skin you want to transfer on our accounts. When the trade is complete, you will receive the amount equal to the value of your Skins. What is the origin of skins prices? I didn't receive any funds for the moment, is this normal?

When you make a deposit, you should get your funds quasi-instantaneously, but it's possible that we loose touch with Steam if they are down for example. It is rare but it's possible. In that case, you can create a ticket to get your funds. What is a withdraw? Withdraw is used to transfer skins from our accounts to yours when you have a sufficient sold.

How to withdraw skins? To withdraw, you have to click on the cart icon on the top right corner of the website. You will be able to choose skins you want to withdraw. You have to know that there is one condition to withdraw: We do this to prevent people to deposit skins and withdrawing them immediatly to change skins. As soon as you'll withdraw, your sold will be reduce of the value you withdrew. What is a match? A match is a confrontation of your 5 players against your ennemies' 5 players.

To play a match you will just have to search a match by clicking on the gamepad icon. You will have to choose a number of rounds, a skin value to play and your strats. You need to know bot icon csgo market you won't be able to intervene during the match. We'll confront your teams and show you a replay of what happened.

Matchs are simulated thanks to an Artificial Intelligence. What will decide if I win or if I loose? The first thing that will help you to win is bot icon csgo market create the best strategies. With the strategies, you can decide where and when your players will move, cover or throw stuffs. Then there are your players' level. You can improve their statistics thanks to the training. The more you will train them, the more they'll be accurate, bot icon csgo market together and smart.

Finally, it's important to take care of what weapon you buy and when you buy them. That's why you can order your buy preferences. What bot icon csgo market 'Max round' stands for? The maximum round is the 'MR' in game, i.

What is bot icon csgo market value? This is the value of skins you introduce for this match. Who are my opponents? Your opponents are others users like you, ranked thanks to an elo system. Each match will increase or decrease your elo depending on the result and your opponent's elo. What is a training? Trainings are the way bot icon csgo market can improve your players skills.

There are four types of skills: This is the accuracy of your players. This is the accuracy of your players when throwing stuffs 15 minutes long. It will define if your players know the different places of the map and their communication. This training takes 1 hour. It will directly have an impact on how your players work together and communicate. You will need 4 hours to train teamwork. Why are we limited?

Training bot icon csgo market considerably increase your level and your chances of success. However, training are not taken in account in your elo ranking. That's why people can't train 24 hours a bot icon csgo market. What is the talent? Each player has a certain talent which will impact how fast he learns. What is a strategy? When defining a strategy, you will be able to move each player where you want and at the time you want.

Moreover, you can tell your players to cover positions and to throw flash, smoke and grenade. Bot icon csgo market will the strat be used? During a match, your players will follow the strats you defined. If some of your players are killed and we juge that it's not possible anymore to follow the strategy, our Artificial intelligence will take over. What are the buy preferences? Buy preferences will allow you to choose the way your players will buy their weapons during the match. You can order them depending on the economy gunround, eco, buy.

Your inventory is empty or could not be loaded! Here are some possible reasons why: Offer bot icon csgo market Your account has been correctly bot icon csgo market with the amount of the deposited skins. Offer incomplete Your offer has been partially treated.

Error An error occured after you accepted the trade offer. Please try again later. You can't withdraw skins. This avoids abusive tradings on the website. Offer validated The requested items have been correctly transferred to your steam account.

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