How do I deposit coins to Bittrex?

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Hi All, I'm asking for some help since bittrex wallet address error response from BitTrex was underwhelming. I'm unable to generate a deposit address for many coins in my BitTrex account. I get an error stating that it is unable to generate an address. Thank you in advance.

I sold half, then bought back in for an extra with the profits once it came down. Now it is pretty low but I'm still waaaaaay up! Just the generic email from BitTrex. I've been happy with them since I started 8 months ago. This issue and not notifying me when they plan to de-list a coin are the only problems I've had with them. Where bittrex wallet address error you located? I know there are some countries that have their withdrawals frozen due to trade embargoes with the USA.

Yea, some coins work fine and others don't. If that's the case BitTrex should give a different error stating the true issue. Most of the coins I have with bittrex wallet address error issue with are on the KuCoin exchange so I'll be uploading there if I want to get rid of some. Has anyone had this issue before. Is there a possible resolution? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Sorry, I haven't had this problem thus far. Did you get this resolved yet?

I'm glad your profits are good. Thanks for the info: Yeah I think I'm going to register with KuCoin now.

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This coin cannot be sent directly between Bittrex accounts. Some of the coins on Bittrex cannot be sent directly to another Bittrex user. The withdraw you have submitted will take your daily withdraw amount above your current maximum limit. Please verify your account at an Enhanced level to increase your withdraw limits. Please wait until 24 hours has passed since the reset to submit your withdraw.

Your password has been reset within the last 24 hours. For security purposes all password resets lock withdraws from your account for 24 Hours. Please wait 24 hours from the time you completed your password reset and the lock will be automatically removed. For seurity purposes Bittrex requires that users wait 2 minutes from the time of their login before attempting to withdraw. Please add your current public IP address to your whitelist to perform this withdraw.

An IP white list has been configured within your Settings. Please add this to your whitelist in order to perform this withdraw. Please verify your account to increase your withdraw limits. The withdraw you have submitted will take your daily withdraw amount above your current daily limit. Please click Settings and choose one of the verification levels we offer in order to increase your limits and perform this withdraw.

Please enable two-factor to increase your limits. For security purposes, accounts without two-factor enabled have very low limits. Please enable two-factor from within your settings in order to increase your limits. If you have not done so yet please complete a Basic or Enhanced verification to increase your limits further.

The trade you submitted is below the minimum allowed trade amount. Please increase your amount or price in order to place this order. The address you entered is not a valid address for this coin. Please make sure you are attempting to withdraw this coin only to an address generated specifically for this coin. The quantity and price you are entered are not typical for this market.

The quantity and price you have entered are invalid for this market. If your destination does not require this attachment, please leave the field blank. If you are withdrawing the coin to a place that does not require these attachments, please leave the field blank or the withdraw will error. How do I get invited to the Bittrex Slack channel?

The code you entered has either expired or is invalid. Please wait for a new code on your device and try your submission again. The address you entered is the same as the Bittrex wallet.

This means you may have to withdraw your funds to an external wallet and then deposit them to the intended destination. Enhanced account 24 hour withdraw limit has been reached. Basic account 24 hour withdraw limit has been reached. You can perform an Enhanced verification to increase your limits.

Withdraws are locked due to a password reset within the past 24 hours. Please wait a minimum of two minutes after login to submit your withdraw. If you would like to use your current IP Address you will need to add it to your whitelist of allows Ips. The address you are attempting to withdraw to is not in your address whitelist.

Unverified account withdraw limit has been reached. This withdraw is over your daily withdraw limits. All trades submitted must be. The address you submitted is not valid for this coin.

Please review your order entry.