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Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency exchange? Here is bitrex vs poloniex exchange detailed review of the two best exchanges that allow you to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. In the world of cryptocurrencies there are dozens of exchanges, but there are two exchanges which are responsible for most of the altcoin trading volume every day. Bittrex and Poloniex are two of the market leader and they share bitrex vs poloniex exchange similarities as well as differences.

In regards to support, both exchanges are fairly dependable. Both platforms also communicate bitrex vs poloniex exchange Twitter. Poloniex fees are very competitive, charging 0. As the trading volume increases, the fees decrease. Brittex bitrex vs poloniex exchange are simpler but more expensive overall. All trades have a 0. Both exchnages seem to have had their fair share of bugs as well as multiple cirumstances where the exchanges were down. This of course is impart to the fact that this technology is fairly new and that the exchanges may at times be overwhelemed with so many trade requests.

In regards to hacks, I had trouble differentiating between real and false bitrex vs poloniex exchange so I am unable to comment much on this. One thing is for certain, almost every altcoin exchange has been hacked in one way or another and that is why it is always recommended to move altcoins to offline wallets as soon as possible. I have been waiting over 40 days for a response to my ticket about a stuck FCT deposit. I will not be coming back to bitrex vs poloniex exchange exchange!

I deposited token to my Bittrex wallet from myetherwallet. But I didn't get them over at Bittrex account. The second one was the customary minutes. Doubt that Poloniex is a scam or trying to scam traders. Looks a lot like a simply overwhelmed system with overloads to me. I made withdrawals every day, and I didn't have any delay. As others have said you just need to familiarize yourself with the interface and buying and selling. Both exchanges have been reviewed by other websites.

Here you can see their scores: It is clear that both exchanges are some of the best when it comes to trading a wide bitrex vs poloniex exchange of altcoins. If I had to choose, after doing so much research, I would go with Bittrex. Overall it seems to be the safest and when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies that is my number one priority.

How to Buy Bitcoin via PayPal? Yayy, choosing between the plague and cholera. I try to avoid both: D but still have a few bitrex vs poloniex exchange at Bittrex due to convenience. Poloniex account is at 0 since a while. So is blocktrades the best then!?!?!?!? I haven't used it yet, but soon!

I will give bittrex some props because I have improperly sent DT tokens to my bittrex account and customer service fixed me all up. My worst fear in crypto I read a lot of complaints lately of bittrex users that got blocked from their accounts while they had massive balances. Poloniex was really slow the past days. Maybe other exchanges like kraken or cryptopia will soon take over? Which Exchange is Better? Poloniex has a slight advantage here as it also offers trades through XMR.

Their Fees Poloniex fees are very competitive, charging 0. Bugs and Hacks Both exchnages seem to have had their fair share of bugs as well as multiple cirumstances where the exchanges were down. Complains Needless to say, both exchanges receive daily complains: This is what people are saying: What do you think? Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Got some on polo. Its good but have ddos issues last month. Ive been using bittrex for 4 years. Have you traded small and big coins?

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