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Bitgold account loschen in About Goldmoney. I want to delete my account if allowed. Think I might do the same. Enrique and powslayerit should certainly be allowed if that is your desire. Hi Enriquepowslayer you have make a good efforts even with troublesome to register with BitGold. I noted most are dissatisfied due bitgold account loschen the referral commission. I would like to delete mine as well, how do I do this? You have never heart bitgold account loschen about the difference between promotional gold and traditional gold?

These different forms of gold are only available at Bitgold! Bitgold account loschen delete my account! You are not the company i want to work with. You have lost the trust! You have robbed me and many other users. If there is anything our team can help you with or clarify, we would be happy to do so!

Melanielooks like the company could do some mending PR. We read the Roy Sebag update on this matter. Was appreciated but really needed a slightly different tone. Anyway, I think this is all certainly a part of being new and growing. It's nothing against you. But with such a company I want nothing more to do. I have all of my recommendations for this company deleted or commented. I also have no desire to write any emails. Closes my account or let it. In the next hundred years, I will not log in anymore When I find it again, I will put the link here.

We'll announce it once it's posted! Melaniegood to hear. Looking forward to receiving the update. January edited January I understand there is some frustration over the reclaims of Bitgold account loschen gold due to referral inactivity but I think it is a little over the top to want to delete your account over that.

When looking at the alternatives one can see that all fiat currency bitgold account loschen constantly devalued in a downward spiral. It doesn't matter what fiat currency you hold it will never outperform gold, never.

Who wants to hold worthless paper when the BitGold platform offers the ability to hold gold and bitgold account loschen it like money with the prepaid card option? This platform has brought a Gold Standard back which ultimately is protecting your wealth in a store of value. I know there are cryptocurrency alternatives but with only 6 years of history on crypto I personally would rather be safe and hold gold that has actual intrinsic value and over years of history. Just some food for thought.

BigD I notice several people complaining about the "reclaims of Free gold due to referral inactivity". I joined BitGold shortly after it became available in the US last year with no knowledge of the "Free gold" referral policy.

After throughly studying BitGold's features and realizing that they were in line bitgold account loschen what Bitgold account loschen might imagine the perfect gold-based solution to be, I decided to take a chance. My concern diminishes daily as the number of funded accounts grows. Bitgold account loschen the "Free gold", I guess some people joined hoping to get a lot of free gold by referring a lot of people.

When those referred people failed bitgold account loschen fund their accounts, BitGold eventually reclaimed the "Free gold. Joining BitGold in hopes of getting free gold by referring others is the wrong reason to join. Bitgold account loschen realize that BitGold needs to bitgold account loschen grow its customer base and that the Free gold program was one way to accomplish this, but in hind site it may have created more ill will than new customers.

I propose a different approach. Rather than joining BitGold in hopes of getting free gold bitgold account loschen referral, join BitGold because it offers features you value and a cause you support. Then gift gold to friends and relatives who, if I understand correctly, must then open a BitGold account to claim their gold.

Haven't gotten a reply anymore from the bitgold support staff either since last friday, so I also requested to delete my bitgold account loschen. Really disappointed, I love gold but this is obviously not the right platform. After bringing in a lot of new users they just punish you. Vaultoro it is for me from now on since they just actived a referral program.

I want to delete my account. Sign In or Register to comment. You will be signed out in 60 seconds due to inactivity. Click here to continue using the site.

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