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While everyone knows I am a Bitcoin purist here, old school crypto backer, it might surprise you I am now with all my mining gear heavy on Bitcoin Gold. I know why in the hell am I on it? Something I personally am unsure about but when the profits tell you where to go, you go there for your families sake and lets face it, what is hot for miners at the moment is clearly Bitcoin Gold , even with the slight correction going on. The breakdown is pretty simple, personally i am not really sure what Bitcoin Gold will become on the long term, the development on this is very up in the air in my opinion and for guys like me to be dead honest with you, no set plans to hold too long on this one but if it brings me more earnings to cash in for LTC or BTC, well so be it.

So if your still in debate if you should run to a Bitcoin Gold pool and hop on the train, let me break something down for you right now. Of all of crypto for miners, BTG is kind of top dog for earnings. I know how in the hell did that happen? Even down where it is now with a possible rise back up its still worth it so as a heads up, if your trying to figure it out, there was 20, of us on Suprnova's pool mining Bitcoin Gold yesterday so I think we are all wising up what is what in this mining game at the moment.

Bitcoin Gold is tricky to mine after a couple of days running. First I was on their official pool http: I would avoid this one, there is a growing crowd having issues on Twitter about this one so personally I would avoid.

I settled for the last few days on Suprnova for BTG mining, only because I have used them for a very long time with no issues but its pretty congested in there Also, I had to hop off of their, their confirmations are running so damn slow and I never came even close to what my estimated 24 hour earnings spat out.

I actually got half of those estimates and a long 5 hour period in between where the pool didn't find a single block oddly. With that many miners I suspect it had an issue going on with the network but nothing was noted to any of us about the situation. It appears this one is tough to find a decent pool on, lots of them out there but to get statistical real time info on your earnings seems next to impossible on a ton of pools I tested.

Some looked great but earning potentials were clearly also off and most stick with high confirmations to get your earnings Sure it will speed up but for now its taking me about half a day or more to send earnings to Bittrex. Finally after testing I actually found a really decent, lesser used pool that has about or so people in it right now.

But the beauty of this find isn't the lesser used side, its the fact they are allowing now only 10 Confirmations to get your earnings to you. I sat on this one the last 24 hours to myself to really be sure its working but payouts look good and my earnings are kicking out exactly as Suprnova originally estimated, so I think its time I let you in on my mining sweet spot that I found, let you guys benefit from it as well.

The 10 confirmations part though is the real sweet deal, the slowness of moving this coin to the exchanges and waiting before hand for confirmations over at Suprnova and other pools is quite ridiculous with the way this one is up and down on the markets.

So far this pool isn't heavy with traffic but can use more people on it. I think with about more of us this thing will be block finding like a madman. Either way though my funds are rolling in well, figure I will sit on this till either Bitcoin Gold makes me a believer to hold with a bigger pump that sustains or it dives to unprofitable levels and I return to my NICEHASH farming again.

Me, well personally I was not a huge fan of the Bitcoin Cash fork, or this one. To me it appears a way too easy route for a development team to attach to a proven chain and pull out some code and fork for fortunes. I maybe just old school about this area and feel a team should work hard to earn their keep but I also work in crypto in a project and kind of find it a bit unfair to see these forks rake in the cash while teams are working hard to earn change. Its life, and free markets though so you do have to go where the profits lead you in this crypto world.

I have no plans to hold until this BTG team shows me something unique, I might side hold a little in case but most is going to fill up my BTC holdings and LTC holdings because to me those guys deserve the investment, they have been working hard to get this far and didn't take that easy fast road to riches. Also I will reinvest in our project VISIO as well, that team is struggling to survive financially with so much dedication that I feel its my duty to help where I can and I think for now Bitcoin Gold will help me put a little back into the small guys in crypto.

I suggest to all to use this opportunity in any way that they feel suits them best. You believe in Bitcoin Gold you save that stuff because mining is kind of extra special on this one right now, unusually special actually. If you need the money for Christmas, go get it. All I want to see with this info is for those out there to use it to provide and do well by it. I do suggest that pool though, I been in a ton of them and so far this one is the only one actually hitting what I should earn.

Coming in quick so I would check it out. Its not a beauty, lol I dont think any one realizes how many miners have jumped onto Bgold, its a trend that is not being discussed. When my friend who is starting mine. Its probably just a temp hike in profit taking, I been watching the markets and its being dumped a lot now that people are getting their confirmed mining income moved to the exchanges but still worth getting on board with.

Me, I am not a fan of this coin personally but hey if it increases your holdings on other coins, no harm and grabbing the boost in income. Thing about this one though, so damn slow, confirmations can take up to 24 hours to get your earnings on most pools and to be honest I kind of half wonder by the time I even accumulate this coin will it still be profitable to sell off lol. But everything is a risk, it goes down just hold for the next wave. I totally agree, why not take the profit to up hodl in BTC!!!

Thanks for sharing the information and keep it up!!! You ever use it? So I hunted for a better pool Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. What form of payment did you configured for your workers?