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Each week we select the 3 news items that matter and explain why and link to one expert opinion. For the intro to this weekly series, please go here. Traditionally, pre-IPO investment opportunities in top-performing companies are only available to investment firms.

Spice launched its initial coin offering ICO for a VC fund that can accept funds from pre-qualified bitcoin growth fund reddit, offering immediate liquidity. Spice uses the Ethereum blockchain to host its token. Its token acts as a digital security, guaranteeing that every investor gets their share of the exits when they occur.

The token itself can also be used as a tradable asset, making the investment liquid. These efforts are alleviating some of the shortcomings in the venture funding model using tokenization. Investing in exciting tech startups is usually reserved for those that can afford to forget their capital for a while.

Investors potentially can benefit from reduced risk, greater flexibility, and a shorter investment period than traditional venture capital funds. In an age where ICOs have become commonplace, these venture fund tokens can offer a tangible way to invest in real-world startups that have the potential of delivering a return, providing greater liquidity, and attracting more potential investors.

As many as a dozen or more ERC smart contracts have been found to contain the batchOverflow bug. In short, the attackers managed to print a virtually unlimited number of tokens out of thin air.

What this means is that by flooding the system with a number too large for use an attacker could create an additional supply of tokens that do not exist within the system.

For exchanges, this presents an immense attack, as token minting can occur without necessary sanity checks that properly assure issuance of the token. In relevant transactions, this will appear to mint tokens out of seemingly nothing. The exploit was first observed on the 22nd of April, when octodecillion BEC Beauty Coin was created in two transactions. Many exchanges, including OKEx, Changelly, and Poloniex, initially suspended ERC20 deposits across the board while they investigate the issue and rolled back some trades involving the fraudulently-created tokens.

Large exchanges, like Binance did not suspend ERC20 bitcoin growth fund reddit. Recently, Binance audited ERC20 tokens listed on exchange and found out that all of them are safe and not affected by the recent vulnerability that was found in most of the ERC20 tokens. It is not easy to develop an Ethereum based token that is completely free of bugs. In a research published last year, some researchers claimed that they had discovered that 34, of the Ethereum smart contracts were vulnerable to bugs.

While the hacker behind the exploit has been unsuccessful in this specific case, the presence of this exploit in the market is a clear sign that the extremely broad spectrum of ERC20 tokens, must be more rigorous with the manner in which smart contract functionality is implemented. With billions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency going through different exchanges every day, exchanges are natural targets for hackers and criminals.

Anyone that has ever bitcoin growth fund reddit knows that software is never bug free, but blockchain bugs could be a very expensive proposition. Redditwhich hosts communities for every single cryptocurrency in the world, is hoping to bring back crypto payments to the platform, this time with Ethereum and Litecoin in addition to Bitcoin, according to CTO KeyserSosa.

The company is actively working with Coinbase to properly integrate Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The site began accepting Bitcoin as a payment for the perk since When the news about the ban reached the first page of Bitcoin Subreddit, a Reddit administrator responded to the decision to eliminate the currency, stating that they had problems with the Coinbase payment platform, which led to the complete disablement of the currency.

Payment requests would end up getting stuck in the network which developed into pick-and-choose transactions for miners and higher fees which meant for some smaller transactions the cost was not worth the transaction.

Reddit is the largest web community in bitcoin growth fund reddit cryptocurrency enthusiasts meet and discuss technology. Reddit was one of the earliest gathering spots for Bitcoin enthusiasts, dating back to when a Bitcoin traded for just a few pennies. The Bitcoin subreddit community bitcoin growth fund redditsubscribers, and the subreddit of cryptocurrencies has more thansubscribers.

The banning seemed odd, given the fact that Reddit is a bitcoin growth fund reddit for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, and given its nature as bitcoin growth fund reddit anonymous open-discourse forum. Coinbase had made changes to Coinbase Commerce which allowed merchants to accept Bitcoin Payment, a the change required merchants to make a significant upgrade, and Reddit chose not to make the upgrade at the time, disabling Bitcoin as a payment method.

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This post is to bring out some of the facts about a bunch of scammers in India who are running one scam after another to cheat and scam newbies in the name of cryptocurrency, blockchain, investment, high returns, bitcoin, ethereum, mining, etc. Some background and things done by the people associated with bitcoingrowthfund. They register companies not just in India but with different names in different countries.

You know what's the reason behind it is. D other favorite options for them are Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and others. Picture of Amit Bhardwaj. Now, if you look at the archive history of this website on wayback machine: We will see below how some mainstream media articles and few bitcoin online blogs, news websites have mentioned them as the founders of bitcoingrowthfund LOL: The scam token which is an Ethereum token can be created within hours.

There are several tutorial available to do it. This MCAP token is added on only 2 exchanges. This scam token MCAP has majority volume on the exchange which is their own website: So the information you see on coinmarketcap website is the result of most of the fake data displayed on their website exchange.

Fake orders, Fake volume, Fake price, Fake everything. If you try to trade on their exchange by creating an account, first thing is to add some funds i. Few facts to prove it:. You can check it from https: At some point all these scam websites, their companies and the owners are associated with each other. Do I need to say more? And you can even try to open the same timeout page without logging in or doing any transactions from: Eventually, they are going to scam most of you and few might get the shit scam MCAP tokens.

Those of you who will get the tokens will be excited to invest more and tell your friend too. Thats when you get trapped and become a victim of a ponzi scheme.

Next thing you might also try creating a ticket and ask for support which will never be resolved. Want to see how the message looks like when you try to raise a ticket: D Again if they solve the issues for few guys its a part of the scamming strategy. There are few mainstream media articles and few by bitcoin blogs and news websites which have not verified anything but published shit information told by these scammers or maybe they paid for the news no surprise:.

BGF spokesperson Arvind Sehmay has given them this false information. BGF is a liquid fund targeting investments in Crypto-currency mining and startup ecosystem. With an office in India, BGF eyes global markets with the fund. You can read other crap false shit published on different news websites which is not shocking to me as I know how mainstream media works and how paid news is circulated. And even an Indian bank has mentioned this scam: They are also planning to build the blog for bitcoingrowthfund which is still in progress as it has all default things and no security.

And there are some paid assholes like this guy on Youtube who are paid to promote and do the marketing for their scam. Interesting thing is he has mentioned Amit Bhardwaj in the video title and its published on June 6, There are so many others doing the same shit on different websites.

Everyone from their scam team and associated with them need to be exposed. Also the media which fucking never cares to verify anything and publish anything for money. The likes you see on their Facebook page is a result of Facebook promotion done by money. The tweets, retweets and other shit shared by random people on internet on various social media platforms is paid shit.

If you still feel like trusting them and want to waste your money, may be you have some extra money. Please donate to us BTC Address: The scammers are responsible for creating a bad reputation of crypto-currencies in India and the world. They need to be taught a lesson but look at yourself and think did you get scammed because of your greed? Or maybe lack of research and knowledge.

So do your research before investing in any shit. If we have more information about these scammers or any of their new scam projects, we will keep you posted and also if they have the balls and courage to reply or take down some of the pictures, videos or change something on their websites, we have all the backups.

There are millions of people those who are getting genuine returns through this system for last 2 yrs, so i think this scam is good. Stop publishing these fake evidences on these valueless websites: You have completed some achievement on Steemit and have been rewarded with new badge s:.

You made your First Comment. Click on any badge to view your own Board of Honnor on SteemitBoard. For more information about SteemitBoard, click here. If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP. By upvoting this notification, you can help all Steemit users. Good job collecting all the information. Amit Bharadwaj is a big time scammer.

He recently launched 3 ebooks, The beginners guide for Crypto, Trading and Mining. Raj and Shilpa has tweeted thanking Amit for helping them understand crypto through the books.

Looks like either he paid them high for the tweet or poor they are also getting scammed. Good job in leaving the scam at the right time. Everyone is going to regret later. Only thing I worry is that it spoils the name of crypto and Bitcoin!

We need to spread the truth so that other newbies are not scammed by that asshole. His books and other drama is to attract the newbies and dumb asses. Its a perfect strategy to run the scam or ponzi for a long time to do some legit things, pay some people, do marketing, don't scam everyone but majority of them and keep repeating the things.

Shilpa and her husband have no clue about this bastard or about cyrypto. They are obviously paid to promote. They can do anything for money. I dont expect anything good from them. Moreover the mainstream media is also acting dumb by not doing any research and publishing about this asshole and his business.

All people have the same stratgey, scam and loot people here and run away to some safe country. And dont feel bad but most of us Indians are stupid to again trust such things and never verify or research anything, lastly get scammed.

True, but these scams are also backed by top officials of the country. I wont disclose names but to my knowledge many reputed and high ranked officers of the law and order system are also involved silently. Congratulations bitonymous - This post was one of the most shared posts on the web from the Steemit website during the past week. You were featured in my report, here. Great job bitonymous for exposing this fraud. The concepts of cryptocurrencies are still new to people and they need to be made aware of such ponzi schemes and scams so that they don't lose their developing trust in cryptocurrencies.

Well, the guy here bitonymous did some extensive research on this matter, kudos to his efforts, but he seems to have missed a blatant fact. The fact that Darwin labs was just a company that provided technical resources as a software vendor to GbMiners. Other than that it had nothing to do with its business operations. Since Sahil, the owner of Darwin labs was working with Gbminers, he might have used it.

Consider this, if he was aware of the fact that Gbminers is, in fact, a scam he would have stayed away from using aforementioned statement. In fact, this shows the trust he placed in them and the breach of trust this company performed.

What one needs to acknowledge right now is that this whole scam or a Ponzi scheme was some well-planned product of GbMiners, their PR marketing team and Amit Bhardwaj. I checked the website of Darwin Labs Nice to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. Most of the coins might not even know they are a scam. I'm sure they have good ambitions but they simply don't have the team to conquer those ambitions. Do your research properly. An interesting website I found: Sorted by team, product, company, advisors, previous investors, etc.

Lost all my 4. WHOIS information for the domain bitcoingrowthfund. Few facts to prove it: A scam bitcoin payment processor created by none other than Amit Bhardwaj. It should actually say you just got scammed! There are few people who might even see the below screen: