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Wiki comes from bitcoin exchange list wikipedia Hawaiian word that stands for "fast" or "quick". Wiki Bitcoin gives you a quick overview of the most important Bitcoin related knowledge bitcoin exchange list wikipedia. Some of these sources are Wikis like Wikipedia. Hence the name of this site Wiki Bitcoin. The dedicated Bitcoin Wiki is probably the most comprehensive resource about Bitcoin.

It covers many aspects. There are introductory articles as well as in-depth bitcoin exchange list wikipedia entries. Moreover, many interesting economic aspects of Bitcoin are covered. Even experienced Bitcoin Wiki useres sometimes stumble on articles they find interesting but haven't seen before.

Here is a list of a bitcoin exchange list wikipedia selected articles that are good entry points for the various Bitcoin aspects. The Bitcoin Wiki can be edited by any user. The only requirement is to pay a small Bitcoin fee to prevent spamming of the Wiki.

While StackExchange and reddit are not a Wikis, they have some characteristics of a Wiki. StackExchange is a network of question and answer sites. The knowledge provided there is therefore related to specific questions. Therefore it makes a great Bitcoin Wiki complement. Once you started to get involved here, you will become a Bitcoin pro pretty soon. The number of posts here is huge and hard to follow on a daily basis. But it's definitely bitcoin exchange list wikipedia good resource when you search it for particular topics of your interest.

Besides the Bitcoin Wiki entries, there is a number of blogs that are bitcoin exchange list wikipedia. Wiki Bitcoin shows you, which are the most popular Bitcoin blogs to stay up to date. All of these blogs offer RSS feeds which makes it easy to follow them and never miss a good read. The blogs are listed in alphabetical order. Wiki Bitcoin doesn't claim to say which blog is better or more relevant. If a blog is listed here it means the blog does have a certain level of quality. This list provides links to Bitcoin charts on various sites.

Most of them are price related and provide good Bitcoin trading support. The following links don't perfectly fit into other categories of this site. They are however interesting sources for analysis and information. Wiki Bitcoin - Your Bitcoin knowledge sources Wiki comes from a Hawaiian word that stands for "fast" or "quick". Bitcoin Wiki entries Wikipedia Bitcoin:: This is the main Wikipedia entry.

It gives a good introduction into what Bitcoin is. This is your go to place for a first overview on Bitcoin. Since knowledge accumulation about Bitcoin has grown, so has Wikipedia. Therefore two other directly Bitcoin related entries exist.

From a technological point of view Bitcoin is a protocol. That's exactly what this article covers. It's an overview about the technological building blocks of Bitcoin. Bitcoin exists since January Since then some notable things happened around this digital currency. This Wikipedia entry records the most important historical Bitcoin events. Your entry point to the Bitcoin Wiki. Answers to the most frequently asked questions. A lot of software is developed on top of Bitcoin.

This is a good overview of what already exists. Today Bitcoin mining is bitcoin exchange list wikipedia done by professionals. Hardware requirements to do Bitcoin mining have become too demaning. However, if you want to know what mining is and how to get started, this is the place bitcoin exchange list wikipedia go.

The easiest way to get answers to your questions are Bitcoin forums. Here is a list of them. The most frequented Bitcoin forum is probably bitcointalk.

A comprehensive list of Bitcoin exchanges. Currently, new Bitcoin merchant directories come up almost on a daily basis. While there are some useful directories, the Trade section of the Bitcoin Wiki is probably still the best. Another reason to come back to the Wiki every once in a while.

This is the best way to find places where bitcoin exchange list wikipedia can spend your Bitcoins. How to accept Bitcoin, for small businesses:: If you have a small business and consider the integration of Bitcoin is a means of payment this is your article.

It's just great how simple it is. Once you have set up everything to accept Bitcoins, you need to get noticed.

Promotional graphics help your customers to notice bitcoin exchange list wikipedia Bitcoin integration - online and offline. Again, everything is free. The Bitcoin Wiki has all the info and resources you need. From an economic point of view the limited Bitcoin supply is one of the most interesting aspects. This entry explains the supply of Bitcoins over time.

An in-depth article that is based on the knowledge about limitied Bitcoin supply is Bitcoin money supply and money creation. This Bitcoin Wiki entry introduces some of the most exciting future Bitcoin use cases. Besides being a payment network, Bitcoin offers many new opportunities.

If you are interested in building new services based on the Bitcoin protocol, start with this entry. It gives you some creative ideas that you can take from here. Bitcoin blogs Besides the Bitcoin Wiki entries, there is a number of blogs that are relevant. Covers finance and banking related topics of Bitcoin. The blog is published by Bitcoin peer-to-peer lending platform Bitbond.

Articles are published on a weekly basis. The site also runs a great bitcoin affiliate program. A well written blog with up to date news about Bitcoin.

Publishes articles almost daily. One of my favorite daily Bitcoin blogs. A good mix of relevant Bitcoin news and trivia. The Bitcoin Foundation is a lobby for Bitcoin users and businesses. Their blog covers topics of larger meaning to Bitcoin itself. Also, they have a quarterly grant which they always announce on this blog. And that's what it is - a well written blog from the perspective of a user. The Magazine was probably one of the first Bitcoin publications.

They even have a printed paper issues that you can buy on Amazon. The blog publishes articles daily. Bitcoin exchange list wikipedia head-writer Vitalik Buterin has tremendous in-depth knowledge about a wide range of Bitcoin related topics. It is not just a good resource for Bitcoin news but also for in-depth articles bitcoin exchange list wikipedia every aspect of Bitcoin. Network status and alerts:: This one is not exactly a blog. But it's probably the best way to learn about Bitcoin related network issues as fast as possible.

The RSS feed would let you know if there is a network problem. This is crucial if you rely on Bitcoin as a technology on a daily basis. A blog which is more about the political side of Bitcoin. A German blog that covers mainly economics related Bitcoin topics.

Some of the articles are translations of the author's articles from English to German. Articles and analyses about a wide range of mostly technological Bitcoin topics. This is the blog of Bitcoin Exchange Berlin - a monthly physical bitcoin exchange list wikipedia where people buy and sell Bitcoins.

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This is a list of for-profit companies with notable commercial activities related to bitcoins and Cryptocurrency. Common services are wallet providers , bitcoin exchanges , payment service providers [1] and venture capital. Other services include mining pools , cloud mining , peer-to-peer lending , exchange-traded funds , over-the-counter trading , gambling , micropayments , affiliates and prediction markets.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Using Bitcoin to Reinvent the Search Engine". History Economics Legal status.

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