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Watch the entire video for our important price prediction. After a year long surge, the Bitcoin community has hit a tumultuous time. Our analysis begins with coverage of the SegWit2x debate over increasing the Bitcoin block size from a 1 MB to a 8 MB limit in order to decrease transaction times and ease the increasingly heavy load felt by Bitcoin miners throughout the community.

As with any situation though, there are two sides to the coin, and we will also be digging into the issue of increased mining difficulty and node size, and bitcoin cash vs bitcointhe end of btcprice predictionnews these issues can push smaller players out of the picture. This in turn can push us further and further away from the cryptocurrency market goal of truly decentralized peer distribution.

This has actually proven very helpful, as some of the provided predictions have actually taken place. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. We just have to stay smart and continue evolving as this ever growing market moves forward. So where do you stand on this debate? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more updates on the crypto market and information on trading and mining cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin cash is a joke, obviously manipulated by the crypto bullies to scare people out of Bitcoin. Love your channel and video! Great charting analysis of Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash.

Are those proprietary indicators you're using for your price predictions? Have you thought about integrating some deep learning or AI to make them even more powerful? Bro I swear to bitcoin cash vs bitcointhe end of btcprice predictionnews I had the same thought that 2x was complete bullshit. How do they just cancel last minute? Bitcoin cash vs bitcointhe end of btcprice predictionnews 13, Cryptov 6 Comments asicminerbitcoinBitcoin Cashbitcoin cash analysisBitcoin Cash ExplainedBitcoin Cash Miningbitcoin cash newsbitcoin cash price predictionbitcoin cash vs bitcoinbitcoin classicbitcoin communitybitcoin crashbitcoin dropBitcoin Goldbitcoin hard forkbitcoin newsbitcoin price dropbitcoin price predictionBitcoin Segwit2xbitcoin vs bitcoin cashbitcoinminerblockchainBTCcoinCoinMarketCapCoinrankingcrypto currencyCrypto KittiesCryptocurrenciescryptocurrencyCryptoKittiesDashEnd of Bitcoinetheriumforex vs cryptocurrencyhow to make money in bitcoinICOIOTALitecoinminingMoneromyetherwalletRipplewhat is bitcoinWhat is Bitcoin CashZcash.

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Can you do a video about new ICOs too. Keep up to date with the latest singles, highest quality.