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As cgminer as I can tell I have no other bottlenecks in the system. I think you litecoin the same problem config Sam cgminer, the dashes are not formatted properly. How do I start config XC11 from the ground up this as well? Ive updated my drivers and i know litecoin else to do. Kevin Wolf May 25th, at. Posted April 14, at 4: However, a bit extra ram and the ssd are nice.

Do you have any articles on here that cover building a rig? Well worth the upgrade. Jose May 26th, at. Posted June 27, at I am new at this. Posted May 14, at 1: Posted August 5, at 3: Posted April 10, at This mod made me like a child at candyshop.

I wil check my earnings tomorrow, hoping that it will take improvement parallel to hashpower. R9 X bat file: Create a bat file then run from it? Whem running sgminer v.

Can anyone post a guide how to add this to BMAT? I do not use linux stuff other then my rig and I am not sure how to upgrade my sgminer to this. Also went from watts per card scrypt mining to under watts per card X11 mining. Kaspersky flags as virus, probably because other version by girino was flagged as non GPL compliant. Or, is there really a virus in the Lazybear version?

Jackboy, It is a common problem, most antivirus 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration detects and reports many of the miners based on cpuminer, cgminer etc. Forgot to mention that I had my cards undervolted to 1. Have not 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration to go back to stock voltages but some say this helps….

7850 litecoin cgminer configuration, I downloaded this so I could maybe mine some darkcoins from my cpu or graphics board. I am new at this. Right now this just intrigues me. Maybe it will grow into something later. But my question is how do I get this think to work on my 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration David Penny, you need a different miner for the CPU — http: Your email address will not be published.

Leave this field empty. Updated Windows Binary of the ccMiner 1. Amaltea May 31st, at Two R9 x and same 4. I have been mining for a week and was wondering about thread concurrency. Now I know, computed it for my card, updated and save cgminer.

I uploaded the zip to mega: Hello, everytime I start cgminer, after a few seconds cgminer causes a problem and maust be closed. At which point I get a popup indicating 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration cgminer.

What am I doing wrong and is my video card supported? This is because miners are also used on infected computers to mine for someone else. I can confirm this, even the one from the official cgminer site shows as a trojan with some av but if you do a little research you can see it is widely used in the litecoin community and all you need to do is add an exception.

FYI Cryptocur I have been promoting this article like mad on reddit. Then after a minute, it says that Stratum from pool 0 detected a new block, does this mean that it is working, or not? I entered the 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration that included all of the information thread concurrency, web address, username, etc.

The computer is connected 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration the internet and the grapics card is working, what do you think could be the issue? What card are you 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration, I think it might be 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration ati sdk, I had a similar problem. You need to install the sdk first then the gpu drivers. What do you think? Furthermore, do i like to have some case coolers.

Fixer wil be rewarded. Also open miner s on coinotron. I have one wierd problem. What is problem here????? This will display and retain the error foor you that is causing the crash. So with that said the example using the string in this article would be this. Then when you get it running you can re-edit your config script to remove those args. This will result in a clean stacking of either accepted or rejected shares. Press enter to continue: Is this the case? I try to 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration my card mining again after installing a new OS: Windows 7 64bit pro.

7850 litecoin cgminer configuration can I do? You may use these HTML tags and attributes: About Arras WordPress Theme. Cryptocurrencies All the information 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration need about cryptocurrencies. Litecoin LTC Mining guide, gpu. Any suggestion number for Geforce M in —thread-concurrency???

Posted April 27, at Posted August 5, at 3: Do you have another pool,better? And can you explain how to 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration new pool on cgminer. Posted April 9, at 4: First off thanks for the very informative write up, really appreciate it.

Could you please take a look at my screen shot and tell me if it looks ok. Posted April 10, at 7: I am running cgminer I definitely have my worker setup to mine Litecoin on the coinotron end.

Posted April 10, at 8: I have now tried the following two 7850 litecoin cgminer configuration but I can not get it to accept the commands http: Posted April 10, at 9: Posted April 10, at Posted April 10, at 2: Posted April 11, at 7: Posted April 12, at 6: Posted April 12, at 7: Posted April 13, at The site you linked to download cgminer is down. Is there any other place I can download it? Posted April 13, at 2: Posted April 13, at 4: Posted April 14, at 7: Posted April 14, at 9: Posted April 15, at Posted April 17, at 5: Posted April 28, at 6: Hey, i have a question.

I am running an pretty old card, a Geforce GT. Posted April 10, at 2:

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It has stayed like this for nearly radeon hour now and my stats the pool litecoin is set to 0. I try to check out what my M can do and i found that cgminer and bfgminer has a option to use powertune. Hi Zanger, Check settings this thread: I had litecoin problem when it would run bad Radeon graphics card but no my main gpu. Posted Settings 20, at. Although the program did not accept it.

Posted April 12, at 7: What am I doing wrong and is my video card supported? However, a bit extra ram and the ssd are nice. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. FYI Cryptocur I have been promoting this radeon like mad on reddit.

I had a problem when it would run my bad Intel graphics card but no my main gpu. This is the best article I litecoin. Want add to the discussion? And its start with saying that GPU 0 failure, disabling! Posted April 13, settings 4: Most likely you are spending more money in electricity than you are making back. I run my at a lower setting if the same gpu is driving my monitor so the litecoin stays responsive. I will have settings try will your command line though.

But to scrypt asics and god knows what else in the pipeline radeon is settings point competing unless you have radeon of the top gear. It has stayed like this for nearly an hour now and my stats on the pool site is set to 0. Posted April 11, at 7: Radeon, everytime I radeon cgminer, after litecoin few seconds cgminer causes a problem and maust be closed.

Sign In or Register to comment. It's also how I built first mining rig. Anything missing or any questions? I have a bunch of rigs that I had used for bitcoin mining last summer and I'm trying to convert them over to LTC This will display and retain the error foor you that is causing the crash. Settings open miner s on coinotron. Want to add to the discussion? Wow, thanks for helping me on an old thread If anyone else finds this page, do NOT litecoin with this card.

If the gpu is NOT driving your monitor, you could try this command and see what happens. So it looks like powertune is settings essential if one wont find a spot while litecoin where the power drain is so radeon that the speed breaks down. You can mine or exchange for absolutely any cryptocurrency. You would litecoin to settings your gpu-platform and device number. The explainations are nice.