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It has been almost two decades since the emergence of the first 4K cameras. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not the 4K format is the future of television and cinema, but no one has been able to deny the amazing image quality 4K format produces.

Sinceindustry's leading companies have released multiple models 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market allow their users to produce a video of the highest quality at affordable price. You may also like: Except for a good camera, you also need a video editing software to give your 4k video a film-look. Check the top 10 best 4k video editors we selected for you. After 42 hours of research and comparison, we picked out 15 best DSLRMirrorless and action cameras that can shoot in 4K on the market.

Read on to check their specs, features, pros and cons. Moreover, you can learn from these 14 YouTubers' real case studies on how they made it Big!

Leave your comments at the end of the article if you have any question or recommendation, and we'll keep it in mind. Check price at Amazon. The camera has 1"-Type MOS 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market which creates the background blur that is a trademark of professional film cameras.

However, HC-X1 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market a camcorder and for those who are used to interchangeable 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market cameras, it may not be the right choice. On the other hand, its features guarantee that you will be able to produce footage of the highest standard. This is a camera that can be used to shoot full-feature or indie films. One of its many advantages over the cameras with similar capabilities is its size.

The combinations of size and the EF lens mount that allows you to use a large number of different lenses enables you to shoot a wide range of different cinematic styles with this camera. Supermm CMOS Sensor, Compressed Raw Recording, and a maximum video resolution of x are just a few reasons why this camera is a great choice, but its downsides include the below average performance in low light conditions and no ND filters.

Nikon fans may argue that Nikon D is one of the best cameras for less than perfect conditions. Camera's weather sealed body along with the maximum ISO value at speak volumes about what it can do in difficult light and weather conditions. On the other hand, it is one of the most feature-packed DSLRs and it is most certainly worth investing in. Over the years Canon cameras have been the best choice a photographer can make when buying a new camera.

The camera can shoot 4K videos at 30FPS and it can capture still frames at an amazing 8. The biggest downside of this model is that HDMI output is limited to p, which can hardly be counted as a flaw, considering the possibilities this camera provides.

The G Lens with 20X optical zoom is optimized for shooting in 4K and it provides a 30mm wide angle view. For those used to using more than just one lens, this is probably PXW-Z's greatest flaw. The successor of the iconic Lumix GH4 that has revolutionized the video production industry, Panasonic Lumix GH5 has been long anticipated. This majestic camera has hit the market on March 20th and its features have taken the world by storm.

It contains a state of the art Aside from being a bit costly, you can hardly go wrong if you are thinking about purchasing this camera. Sony has been at the forefront of the revolution caused by digital images. Their models 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market set the image quality standards and moved the boundaries for decades.

Sony A7r II is the latest model from Sony's highly praised A7 series that offers a wide range of possibilities to photographers and videographers alike. It produces 4K video in x resolution at up to 30FPS. Since it is relatively recent this camera has yet to prove itself worthy of its cost, but its features certainly do promise the highest standard of performance. Whether you are looking to shoot still or moving images, this is the camera you can rely on.

The biggest improvement from the much praised A model has been the autofocus system. This is more than an affordable camera that offers excellent image quality in all sorts of conditions, however, if you are looking to shoot at outdoor locations this camera might not be the best choice because it doesn't have an image stabilization technology which makes capturing motion rather difficult. Panasonic G85 is a mid-range mirrorless camera that can meet the demands of both professionals and hobbyists.

Depending on the market it is also known as G80, G81 or G8. The ISO values can go as high aswhich allow the users of this camera to shoot in poor light conditions. The battery life is estimated at shots, but it is probably a good idea to get a battery grip to ensure that your camera is working if you need to shoot video with over a longer period of time.

This camera cannot be praised highly enough. Since its release in early Septemberthe X-T2 model has established itself as one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market. The X-Processor Pro Engine, It is hard to find a downside to this camera, and if there is one it is the absence of a touch screen.

Fuji X-T2 will delight both amateurs and professionals as it is easy to operate and it provides the high-end performance. Yi 4k Plus is a very powerful, high quality 4K action camera. On top of that, the unit comes with voice control and it integrates a dedicated 2.

If you want to acquire 60FPS at the 4K resolution, this is the product you want. It really helps you get that perfect value you want, and it's extremely fast. The only downside is that image stabilization works only up to 4K 30 FPS. GoPro's first built in waterproof camera with highly user-friendly interface, delivers a crunchy competitive 4K footage. Yet, for most of the people around the world, GoPro Hero5 black is still the best 4K action camera.

It also has top class voice control and image stabilization. It is a perfect camera to be used under water. Looking at the competitor's high end 4K cameras, Garmin came up with an amazing Virb Ultra It can shoot 4K video up to 30 frames per second.

Users can use the touchscreen with the case on, which is waterproof to feet. Its audio control feature is just perfect. Additionally, a special mic port 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market designed to ensure high quality audio for the waterproof case. It provides effective stability and enhanced video quality. Its durability and rugged shielding proves that it is designed for real world conditions.

With the PlayMemories application, you can edit the footage quickly. Olympus TG Tracker is a tiny compact action style camera with a 24 3 megapixel exmor apsc hd cmos sensor market solid and stylish design.

It can be used up to 30 meters under water without any external waterproofing cover. With a degree field view, it has a flip out LCD which is not a common in all the 4K action cameras. It has an illumination lamp which can be handy for close-up shots or its utility in darkness. What makes it stand out among all its competitor 4K cams, is its data reporting and tracking capability as suggested by its name.

This tracking feature can be used even if a user is not recording any view. Free Download Free Download. How to record 4K video 1.

You May Also Like. I'm running a youtube channel, I want a camera that has a mic and flip screen. So I can do a short interview with people in the street or my studio room. I want a camera that has all type of features so I don't have to buy a camera every year. Lumix Gh5 with 3MP? Sony with 2MP? Garmin Virb Ultra

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