#1 AI Crypto Trading Bot in 2018 Profit Trailer and Feeder Review Updated Apr 08, 2018

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Profit Trailer crypto trading bot with the Feeder add-on would have made my initial list of the best cryptocurrency bots but I wasn't aware of it. Whether you are looking for a bitcoin trading bot or an automated altcoin trading bot, Profit Trailer will meet your needs. Our crypto trading bot review includes the pros, cons, features and pricing for you to choose if its the right crytpo trading bot for you. We review the best crytpocurrency trading bot softwares on the market.

You will discover why I think Profit Trailer is the trading bot will is best for your crytpo trading needs and why its even better than Gunbot or Haasbot. Some cryptocurrency bots are better for beginners and some more advanced crytpo traders but Profit Trailer is the best for both.

View the pros, cons and features for each of the crypto trading bots we review. View individual crytpo trading bot videos below or view the full crypto trading bot review here: Video Condividi Scaricare Aggiungi a. Just wanted to chime in here I can honestly say we are proud to get behind two products that absolutely work as advertised.

They aren't magic money printers, but they are indeed power tools capable of much fine tuning to your trading profiles. Mark does a great job remaining unbiased in his reviews, and that's always a breath of fresh air. Doing good work there, Mark! That allows you to do installations? That would be wonderful: If not can we buy the Profit Trailer bot from you or just the other parts? You probably need to do a better job of conveying that the setup is complex and arguably inaccessible to an individual who is un-schooled in code and TA.

PT and PTF is absolutely badass But your service to newbies is limited, your wiki page is lazy and your customer service is inadequate. Be warned, PT and PTF are absolutely amazing tools if you have a fundamental skillset required to make these function effectively. If you are expecting easy money and a problem-less"app" you are surely about to take a journey through extreme frustration. This add-on is not for the novice, or for someone expecting an immediate customer service turn around.

There are no magic or secret settings. I, personally think that this is an mazing product and will eventually bridge gaps. However, for the time being, you must make sure that you manage your expectations. This is by no means an unobstructed road towards wealth This is an amazing tool, most likely with limitless potential. But if you are expecting and easy situation, with on call help, this expectation will not be met at this time. I always get a great deal of customer satisfaction anytime I buy or sell bitcoins at www.

Is there such a thing as a reliable fully automated trading bot that requires zero monitoring? Marc Zwygart What you suggest we do to know how to use it correctly as a beginner?

You can still do manual trading in the same account, but if those coins will be long term holds I would suggest moving them to a hard wallet or editing the code to make sure the bot doesn't trade that coin.

But I have just open an account with Binance. Don't know what to do next, please comment! Not super complicated but I got to watch them as they were installing it and ask questions and understand the settings much better. I do think its important to understand the settings and how the bot works. Their wiki is good but what I discovered was that it was still geek talk and the average person not a coder would understand it much better by watching and asking questions rather than reading the wiki.

You can install it yourself. I preferred to have them install it because I wanted to make sure everything was done correctly and my time is better spent on other projects. Sir plz reply asap Is to buy licence of cryptotrailer all expense or there are other expenses, if we need to buy strategy what would u recommend.

Also, the good thing about ProfitTrailer is there are strategies in the group and don't ever pay for strategies! I would suggested buying the feeder addon as well but outside of that the only extra cost is for a VPS should you choose to run it on there instead of your own computer. I did a video on setting up your VPS also.

Your videos have great content but you need to edit this statement out. I guess it just depends on each persons situation. I have a very stable internet and power connection and running it from home is unmistakably more secure than a VPS. It seems most VPS providers also have issues with going down and they are totally out of an individuals control.

The bot takes up very little of my computers capability and I am in total control which I like. I do appreciate your overall content and your response. People do however need to know there are additional risks using a VPS and when it goes down they are totally at the mercy of the provider to get it up and running again. I had the same question as CryptoErks. I was curious of how the run from Jan to now did with PT and if you still recommended it.

I was hoping they had credit card purchases enabled by now but doesn't look like it. Also, they are moving to a monthly fee for the service. I guess that is good if you just want to try it out. I think so and its cheap right now because the price of Bitcoin is down. Profit Trailer, Feeder and Installation will cost you about 0. Wish I could share pictures, but I am hitting percent per day for the last 4 days. Right now the bot with Feeder Addon and installation would cost your 0.

Trying to put something together. I run the digital marketing department for our agency so time is limited at the moment. Please clarify something for me Are they the same thing?

Hey Bob Marslek, how has your experience been since you bought it? And keep it up Marc Zwygart! And don't pay for settings. There are some great tested settings in the discord group. Happy to help you out there. You can tell it not to trade certain pairs but that won't let you buy them if they should trigger the bot normally. I setup a second account specifically for trading and not holding.

I don't keep my long term holds on the exchanges though either. Hi, Thanks for the video! What do you mean with the 0,02 profit feeder Add-on?

Profit Feeder is an Add-on to Profit Trailer. The bot itself cost 0. The feeder add-on cost 0. They will also install for you here cryptoprofitbot. Let me know if you need some help. Ok ready to buy went thru your link do these guys have an email or cell I need to ask them about the vps setup since i have one on Virmach.

I dont want to buy package only to be told that I have buy their vps. Hey Carlos, jump on their discord channel and look for J-Rod, tell him I told you to talk to him.

He will get you setup. If you need a link to discord let me know. Thanks for reply are you able to buy everything with litecoin or it has to be Bitcoin. I am going to to buy by tomorrow since I have the vps will they be able to set it up for me as well. I have never done that but I am guessing so. Marc Zwygart thank you. I personally set it to consider all pairs with volume over currently. In a bull market which I think we will see the beginning of next week maybe then I will open that up to coins with daily volume above Hi I just bought a VPS on Virmach are you able to configure thr whole package with that vps or do i need to buy your vps.

Also How do I contact you buy the whole package. Now you just need the trading bot and feeder. Did you see a link for that? I don't have the btc to sink into the bot yet.

New to day trading but I can't wait until my. Might get a loan to get started. Is VPS recommended for a novice user? Can I get the additional setup on my laptop?

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